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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Barium Business Navigator is the mobile version of the Business Process Management System Barium Live! – a cloud service that dramatically increases the efficiency, governance and quality control of your business processes. Login with your Barium Live! account, or create one through the app, and start working according to your own processes!

With Barium Live! you can model your processes and turn them into process applications, which guide the staff in their daily work and give the process owners a clear overview of ongoing activities as well as entire workflows. Through the Barium Business Navigator you can reach your process applications even easier, and always be updated.

App Features:

NEW – Start new processes activities directly from your phone. Choose which process to start, fill out a form with information and submit it. You can even attach a photo directly from you camera.

MY TASKS – In your personal inbox you find every task that you are allowed to perform. Each task contains guiding information and all the documents and links necessary to perform the task, as well as an overview of the process to clarify the workflow.

INSTANCES – Here you can monitor activities, both ongoing and completed. Initially you get a quick overview of ongoing activities, and when you dig deeper you find statistics that allow you to analyse and improve workflows.

PROCESSES – The Processes tab gives you information about all the processes that you are involved in. Here you can follow workflows and get easy access to important documents and links.

Note: Your account gives you access to the app, as well as to the web service. To create and configure your own processes and applications you must use Barium Live! ( Your tasks, activities and processes will then be visible in the Barium Business Navigator. New users can try the features right away, thanks to our example processes and applications.

The Barium Live! iPhone app Barium Business Navigator has been updated with a number of improvements:

• Optimized back-end for faster experience
• Clearer indicators when app is loading data
• Infinite scroll automatically loads more items when you scroll to the bottom
• New and improved interface for form fields
• New icon
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