Internal Revenue Code & Treasury Regulations (Universal App)

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開発者Jade Nile, LLC
リリース日2011-01-14 17:00:00
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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As seen on Tax Notes Today & Tax Prof Blog!
YouTube Tutorials at

2012 versions of the IRC and Treasury Regulations now available via in-app purchase.

The universal version of the Internal Revenue Code & the Treasury Regulations in one app!

- Both the IRC and Treas. Regs. in a single app!
- Updated
- Full screen text viewing (portrait & landscape)
- Split screen viewing in the iPad
- Excellent privacy
- Searchable
- Fast
- Reliable (no 3G or WiFi needed once loaded)

Why should I upgrade to Tax Law Complete?

We’ve listened to our wonderful customers and implemented their best suggestions into a new app! Tax Law Complete!

1) IRC & Treas. Regs. The Tax Law Complete is a single app that includes both the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations. Switching between the IRC and Treas. Regs. can be done in an instant.

2) Updates: The latest updates to the databases starting with 2012 onwards will be available via in-app purchase.

3) Privacy: Lawtogo does not access any information about what you do with the Tax Law Complete and where you do it. We feel it is none of our business.

4) Split screen mode: Rotate your iPad to landscape viewing and the screen will split into 2 parts (one for navigation and one for viewing a section). For the iPhone, landscape viewing is also available but not split screen, of course.

5) Searchable: You can now search using keywords or terms plus you can create boolean expressions using "AND" or "OR". You can even specify a "hit" only if a word or term is within x number of words of another word or term. See the help screen in the search tab.

6) Fast: New navigation layout that allows even faster access to a specific code section. The traditional “drill down” method is still available.

7) Reliable: No internet connection needed (after initial & update downloads). The app works in a concrete basement as well as in a 40th floor conference room because the data is stored right in your iPad or iPhone.

Go to to see an instructional YouTube video.

Disclaimer: This application is intended for tax professionals and was not created for those not trained in independent tax and legal research. All readers are expected to consult a current authoritative reference to confirm items in this application. The information contained in this application is presented "as is" and "with faults," and is furnished with no warranty, expressed or implied, and all such warranties are hereby disclaimed. Jade Nile, LLC assumes no liability for any loss, damage or expense from errors or omissions in the information on this application, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise.

Our e-mail is Comments & suggestions are always welcome.

1. 2012 versions of the IRC & Treas. Regs. now available as in-app purchase.
2. Increased font increment/decrement factor when magnifying text.
3. Minor changes to some icons.
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