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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Meeting someone for the first time? Does your job require you to visit client's homes? Do you travel alone?

DTA provides a way to maintain dating privacy while making sure that someone you trust knows that you went on a date last night and haven’t checked in. Today’s dating world is risky. People meet online and chat by phone without any real knowledge of the other person’s character. That unknown is the risk that many people take in search of love.

As seen in The Washington Post, Reuters, Sun Sentinel etc.

If you are meeting someone for the first time, you can use DTA, and if you don’t check in by the time that you determined, an alert with the name, cell number, email address, time, and location of your date will be texted or emailed to your emergency contact. You will be sent a text reminding you to check-in before the alert is sent to your emergency contact(s). You can also check in online.

If your plans change, you can log into your DTA and edit the check in time or location of the date. You can even delete the file if your date cancels. This is much easier than constantly calling your friends if your plans change or checking in with them after they have already gone to bed. You control what information is given, when it is given, and who it is given to.

Background checks can be helpful, unless your date hasn’t been caught yet. GPS location devices on your phone can help, unless your phone is turned off. DTA alerts go out even if your phone is turned off. And the fact that somebody knows you’re missing is priceless.


This system is set up for the US and Canada. 80 International cell phone providers included. You can send alerts to international emergency contacts in English as emails or manually entered text numbers with the number and cell phone carrier email equivalents ( in the email field).

- A WiFi/ 3G. Edge connection is required. You can send from an iPod Touch, but you cannot receive Date Tracker Alerts or reminders.
- To receive a Date Tracker Alert, no WiFi or 3G Edge is required.

“Having recently retired after 30 years in law enforcement I have always been an advocate for the safety and well-being for people of all ages. I have taught safety issues to children through seniors throughout my entire career and understand how vital it is to desire an added bit of security when it comes to dating, work related issues or perhaps when traveling alone. DTA can serve as a reliable means of providing you with the ability of keeping your emergency contact updated with your whereabouts."Safety first", I teach it and I am an advocate for it, for people of all ages- It matters!”
Barbara Cascio Retired Deputy Chief of Police, Franklin Park, IL

“DTA is perfect for when I don’t want to tell my friends everything or when all I know about my date is what I have seen online.“
Kim Smith

"I originally purchased DTA because I thought it was a terrific app for my daughter who is a university student. But after I looked at the app I realized it was perfect for me to use in my professional life. As a former journalist and now as a full-time author, I often end up in unknown places and with unknown people where I am investigating and doing research that puts me at risk. DTA is the perfect way to make certain I have backup. It's an ingenious way for me and other professionals who do everything from making cold calls to holding meetings with people they really don't know. This is a great app.'

Kris Radish
Bestselling Random House Author

- Texts/emails go out even if your phone is off
- Check in from the website.
- Send up to 2 text & 2 email alerts at a time at no cost
- Test alert
- Change check in time if you decide to stay out later.
- Change date location if your plans change
- Reminder to check in
- Import Contacts button
- No Ads or sub. fees

The Check In screen is combined with the Create a Date screen.
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