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互換性iOS 12.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
RPG is the Randomized Password Generator.

Use RPG to get a strong and secure password to protect your important data and protect your privacy!

Stop using passwords that you can find in a dictionary! Such passwords are easily compromised (by testing words from a dictionary), and your data won’t be protected.

Instead, use random passwords, which are not found in dictionaries and are much less likely to be tested in a “brute force” attack. Use a different password for each of your services. Your important data will thank you.

RPG instantly generates several passwords with varying strength, color coded to help you quickly choose a password with the characteristics you need.

RPG includes the option for words in passwords! Now you can easily generate passwords like “~Turfy9CookedSambur” which are really easy to type and remember compared to "Cp7`KXmUoXEBHQ” and provide nearly the same level of password quality thanks to their length and composition. Turn this on by enabling the "Words" option in Settings.

Don’t worry about random passwords that are hard to remember! RPG creates strong memorable passwords using a clever technique that helps the password resemble a word, which is easier to remember than a series of random letters and numbers.

Hawaiian passwords give your password a fun tropical feel!

Balanced Passwords are faster and easier to type because each character of the password comes from alternating hands (or thumbs).

Password strength is measured for each password based on the complexity and variety of letters, numbers, and symbols included in the password. Time to guess is estimated based on a hypothetical computer system capable of making 500 billion guesses per second. Password Entropy is also available for each password (enable in Settings).

Several passwords are generated at the same time, so there is no way the app or the person watching over your shoulder could know which password you decide to use! Just memorize the password you like and your secret will be safe.

You can swipe to copy or save the password, or touch a password to tweak it before copying it for easy pasting later. Use the refresh buttons or pull the list down to generate more passwords.

Saved passwords are stored in your device keychain, automatically sync to your other iCloud devices, and are available when logging into web sites and apps (enable in Settings). The free version saves up to 3 passwords.

This update brings many new features including:
• Password Profiles: choose from several pre-defined password profiles and create your own!
• The password profile is saved when you save your password, making it easy to create a fresh password with a similar pattern when it's time to change your password!
• Choose from a variety of symbols to separate words!
• New options for control of capital letters in passwords!
• Redesigned and simplified settings screen includes a password preview!
• More storage for notes with your saved passwords!
• Bug fixes and usability improvements
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