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リリース日2011-01-13 05:34:45
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互換性iOS 4.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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**New and Noteworthy (Music) mention in the US, Spain, Japan, Canada, and the Netherlands**

Have you ever wanted to listen to radio stations of another country but didn't know what to search for? Global Music Radio provides the largest directory of live streaming radio stations searchable by location. With over 150 countries, you can search for radio stations by region, country, and (in some cases) city.

Global Music Radio is designed to enhance your listening experience by giving you a clean and user-friendly interface.


* Find stations by region, country, city
* Clean and simple user interface to enhance your listening experience
* Supports full-multitasking with Background Play on iOS 4.2 devices
* Save favorite stations
* Add your favorite radio station directly from the application
* Share with Facebook, Twitter, and Email

Whether you want to listen to mainstream American music, European pop and classical music, the rhythmic beats of Africa and the Caribbean, or the catchy tunes of bollywood and bhangra, Global Music Radio has it all and much more!

Countries include:

AFRICA: Algeria, Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Togo, Zimbabwe

ASIA: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE

CARIBBEAN: Anguilla, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Dominica, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, St. Barth, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Martin, St. Vincent, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, US Virgin Islands

EUROPE: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

LATIN AMERICA: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela

OCEANIA: Australia and New Zealand

USA & Canada

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