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リリース日2011-02-10 13:59:10
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2022-08-13 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
UPDATES FROM NASA ARE CURRENTLY DOWN. We are looking for other sources of this information. We apologize for the limited functionality. The professional version has been reduced in price.

Checkout our video at

We are really excited as this release adds for the pro version, push notifications when the ISS is going to be overhead where you are. Never again will the ISS pass overhead while you are not looking up! So Download and Upgrade to the Pro version today.

As we look to the future of this planets space program, know that over you're head, 3-6 humans from 18 different countries are living and working to find answers to problems that effect you and your friends here on earth. In addition to learning how to live and work in space, there are experiments utilizing the micro-gravity environment to look for cures to human conditions such as Cancer, Immune Deficiencies or to grow the building blocks of new materials and compounds that can be used back on earth in manufacturing of more environmentally friendly products.

One of the tasks is simply keeping an eye on our changing planet, the effects of man and nature can be felt everywhere.

Pretty exciting stuff. Now you can be a part of all this.

ISS CDR - Which stands for International Space Station (ISS) Commander (CDR) is an app for all your IOS devices which provides you in one place all the information the Commander of the ISS would want.

We try to give you the decoder ring for all the NASA Speak. "Collection samples where placed into the MELFI within 30 minutes of collection". Doesn't make much sense, touching MELFI will bring up the decoder ring and you will learn not only that it stands for the Minus Eight Laboratory Freezer on the ISS, you will learn everything that NASA publishes on the subject. This is accomplished through our advanced offline processing of the NASA status reports.

Why upgrade to the PRO Version? NO ADS, New features, such as hyper-linked status reports, and the ability to read up to a weeks worth of previous reports. Finally it makes you feel really good when you support small software developers so they can continue to create great software :-) ....See the last tab stop "About" ISS CDR

ISS Commander is your source for all the detailed information that a Commander of the International Space Station (ISS) would need each day. each and everyday the station logs are downloaded straight from NASA and the crew of the ISS. At BRI technologies our offline software organizes and relates the pertinent information and formats it specially for the iPad and the ISS CDR application. what you get is the following:

for the current crew of the ISS, there name, picture, position and how long they have been on board. together with this information is the daily log book straight from NASA.

The operations status board of arrivals, departures and important events are displayed. Tapping any of these will provide more information from wikipedia (or other locations on the web, purchased separately)

NASA TV, watch the current activities live on you iPad all from within the ISS CDR application

Learn about all the expeditions to the ISS from it's early days when crews would visit and leave while the initial segments were installed, to the current expedient and several future expeditions that are in training. Pick any expedition and dig deeper with detailed information straight from wikipedia. As a special capability, you can specify a date and view the expedition mission that was going on during that year, purchased separately)

ISS CDR Uses Location Services to provide you with ISS Sighting Opportunities

ISS CDR is provides the ability to remove the advertisements and add special extras discussed above as a separate purchase.

Version 2.6.11
1) Bug Fixes [ALL] 

2) Added Contact Us button to allow direct feedback [ALL] 

3) Requires IOS 5.0 Minimum [ALL]
4) Receive Push Notification when ISS is Visible [PRO]
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