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互換性iOS 7.1以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Now you can access all of your Google photos and videos on your iPad with just a single tap. Manage your photos, view your friends’ pictures and videos and more with MyPics HD. You are going to love how easy this app makes the sharing and caring of your Google Photos.

You love taking pictures and uploading them to Google Photos (formerly Picasa Web Albums) for editing and organizing. You have several accounts, just so you can keep things straight. How many albums have you created now? That last one has some great shots of your vacation, too bad you can’t let others see your album, too.

Well, now you can view your friends’ public and shared albums and let them see yours as well. All you need is MyPics HD on your iPad.

The MyPics HD app is a powerful tool that makes accessing and managing your Google Photos super easy and portably convenient. You have multiple accounts? No problem! Add them all to MyPics HD and access all of your photos or videos with just a quick, single tap to the screen.

All of your Google Photos content is cached on your iPad, so you don’t even have to be online to show those baby pictures or reminisce over those fabulous vacation shots. Everything is streamlined to make your viewing experience as simply pleasurable as can be.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your device for uploading new pics or a few favorites from your photo library? Go right ahead. Multiple photos or videos can be added to the upload queue to be quickly transferred to your Picasa account. Incredible, right?

You’re going to absolutely love this application! Just check out the features you get:
* Handles multiple Google accounts
* Add your friends' Google accounts, view and comment on their photos
* Pinch-zoom
* Video-playback (videos are not cached)
* Batch photo and video uploading
* Manage existing and create new web albums
* Edit album metadata (title, date, summary, location, access)
* Photos are cached and can be viewed offline, videos are not cached
* Clear cache when needed
* Select desired photo size for downloads
* Select desired album sort order (by name or date)
* View and add comments
* Email photos and links to photo albums
* Preserves most EXIF tags and geotags (requires Location Services enabled)
* Photo Slideshow
* Bulk Operations - save, email, delete or move multiple photos at a time
* Cache Control to cache entire albums at once
* Background uploads and caching

You get an amazing array of features and functions that help you make the very most of your Google Photos experience.

Download MyPics HD now and start enjoying the ease and versatility that this app offers.

- Google sign-in issue fixed
- Updated for retina display
- Updated for iOS 7/8/9
- Various refinements and bug fixes
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