Unwind Your Mind: Becoming a Butterfly

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開発者Joel Epstein
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An entire e-novel plus two-dozen activities to help you live a happier and healthier life.

Written and created by a clinical psychologist who is also an award-winning multimedia producer, Unwind Your Mind: Becoming a Butterfly provides a captivating story that helps readers learn how to live life with confidence, balance, and meaning. But to make things even better, the app also includes the following twenty-four fun, thoughtful, and engaging activities:

- Connect the Dots game
- Stroop Effect game
- Charitable Contributions
- Compliment Generator
- Taking Responsibility email
- Taking Responsibility quiz
- Statement Revisions
- Choosing Your Feelings
- Go / No Go game
- Changing Your Habits
- Don’t Have To-Do List
- Making Decisions
- Word Recognition game
- Steady Balance game
- Meditation Aid
- Self-Talk Stopper
- Optical Illusions
- Concentration game
- Tom Swifties
- Take A Silly Photo
- Creating Your Own Reality
- Achieving Your Goals
- Inspirational Wallpaper
- Live Your Life

Each activity is tied to a specific lesson presented in the book. You can choose to read the entire book all at once, or switch back and forth between the story and the accompanying activities. Either way, you will be both entertained and enlightened by the life lessons they contain.

A synopsis of the book follows:

While doing research for his term paper at the public library, Joel meets a mysterious old man named Danaus who has a unique way of looking at the world. Joel’s best friend Jay does not trust Danaus, but Joel has a suspicion that the things Danaus says might not be as crazy as they sound. For the next two weeks Joel secretly visits Danaus and begins to learn how small changes in his attitude and behavior can have a huge impact on his family and friends. It’s not long before Joel realizes he’s no longer feeling so angered by his parents’ odd behaviors, and Mickey, Joel’s rival in the school-wide competition to collect a complete set of Al-Mod trading cards, suddenly doesn’t seem quite so annoying. But in the end questions remain. Will Danaus’ lessons help Joel teach Jay how to deal with his abusive father? And can anything Danaus says ever help Joel feel more confident around Kali, his would-be girlfriend?

'Unwind Your Mind: Becoming a Butterfly' is one of two books in a series. The second book, 'Fang is King' also has a 'Unwind Your Mind' app in the iTunes app store. The activities are the same, but the book provides a completely different story.

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