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リリース日2010-12-22 03:58:28
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互換性iOS 4.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Rated five stars, Smurks® is more than just a cool app to share more authentically emotional emoticons, Smurks is an easy, engaging way to help people with autism and other special needs learn to recognize and communicate emotions.

Going beyond simple pictures of basic facial expressions on a touchscreen, Smurks allows you to show intensity and nuance of emotion by using your finger to morph a face on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Selecting Smurks is fun in itself. Instead of combing random menus, you animate a single Smurks face to express exactly what you are feeling. Swipe one way for "up" emotions, another for “down,” and so on. You literally feel your way to it, quickly and intuitively.

Therapists, educators, parents and caregivers around the world are reporting that the Smurks app is engaging children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs in impactful ways and engaging them in learning to recognize and communicate emotions as nothing else.

Smurks was originally designed as a simple mobile app to add emotional intelligence to people’s smart phones and add some depth to their posts on Facebook, Twitter, text messages, and email. But for its fun new user interface to work — the animated face — Smurks developers had to create a the first full visual index of human emotion, coded by facial expression. And it is this feature that is making measurable differences in the lives of People with ASD and other special needs, as well as with school children. Teachers tell us Smurks is a great way to take the emotional temperature of their students, promote emotional awareness and initiate discussions about feelings in the classroom.

Please join us at for additional news and information about Smurks as well as professional guidance surrounding its uses.

Note - Smurks does not collect or share information about you, your iPhone or its contents. If you use the Facebook or Twitter features you are connected to those sites, much like you would if you accessed them from a computer. But Smurks doesn't gather or share any information about them.

• Redesigned locator to make it easier to navigate the mood matrix (tap on the cross-hairs to try it)

• A new "Here Outlet", a geographic mood diary you can use to remember how you feel about the places you visit

• Greatly improved images

• Several fixes to the Facebook outlet

*** Important ***

• this version runs on iOS 4.2 or later

• if you have Smurks bookmarked you may need to re-bookmark them due to the improved images
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