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iPad 対応。
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MPA Free turns your iPad into the ultimate alarm clock and slideshow. Your favorite photos become the background for a completely customizable display of time, date, and alarm clock settings (you can change the size, placement, style, and color of all time elements)! Wake to your music, unique alarm and nature sounds, or your own custom recording. Sleep or relax to your favorite music or included high quality nature sounds. Have your favorite scenes and family moments at your bedside, desktop, or countertop for a completely personalized alarm clock experience.

MPA Free has all of the functionality of our full app, *myPhotoAlarm* but limits the amount of media you are able to add & use.

Home screen:

With MPA Free, you are in control of your slideshow and time information. You can display your time objects in a variety of formats. Time of day, alarm time and status, and date objects can all be moved and re-sized with a few quick gestures. You get complete control over object colors, backgrounds, and background transparencies. This makes the possibilities for displaying your photos and personalized time, date, and alarm information nearly limitless. You can also select to display or not display any time and date items. Its a complete slideshow/picture frame app combined with a complete and custom configured alrm clock system.

Some of the Features of MPA Free include:

• Analog Clock Style: complete customization of font colors and background colors and transparencies.

• LCD Clock Style: complete customization of font colors and background colors and transparencies.

• Font Clock Styles: complete customization of font colors and background colors and transparency.

• Screen Dimming: just slide finger up and down screen.

• Change picture: just swipe from one side of screen to another.

• Built in photo management: makes reorganizing your slideshow simple.

• No picture scaling: pictures are displayed in their natural form regardless of iPad orientation for consistent, predictable, and natural results.

• Large Info Screen when alarms are triggered.

• Big Snooze Button

• Album Art: shown when waking to music.

Sleep Function:
• sleep to music or nature sounds.
• set sleep time.

Fully customizable Alarms:
• wake to music, nature sounds, alarm sounds, or customized personal recording.
• set custom snooze time for each alarm.
• set sound fade-in.
• save default alarms.

• set transition styles.
• set transition times.
• set time between slides.
• set random or in order.

Alarm sounds:
• Air-Raid
• Alert
• Bell Clock
• Buzzer
• Church Bells
• Clock Alarm
• Cuckoo
• Future Tone
• Mar-Cimba
• Shrill Beep
• White Nose

Nature Sounds:
Waterfall - Big
Waterfall - Small
Meadow By The Sea
Gentle Waves
Waves on Rock Beach
Light Rain and Thunder

Custom Record:
• Leave yourself a reminder or wake to the sound of your favorite (or not so favorite) person or noisemaker.

Object Layouts:
• Save and name your favorites.
• Load saved layouts.

Includes incredible backdrops: images from renowned photographers
• Scott Nathan (,
• Troy Lim (, and
• Original artwork by Caroline Radell (

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