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リリース日2010-12-20 06:59:28
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互換性iOS 3.1.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2021-01-28 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Digital Safe ᵀᴹ is a full-featured "private" and "secure" Browser, Multi-file Downloader, File Viewer, and File Manager. Logon to the app using your private and secure password, use the integrated browser to select any file, initiate and monitor the download, then manage and view your downloaded files, all without leaving the Digital Safe ᵀᴹ App! You will no longer have to worry about significant others, friends, family, or co-workers stumbling on your personal or sensitive documents, pictures, or videos. All major file types are supported!

Digital safe allows you to do everything from one app from Browsing to Viewing. All downloaded files are automatically moved to your file safe for later viewing or sharing, all without leaving the privacy and security of the Digital Safe App. You can also share the files anywhere via HTTP if you have WiFi available, or over USB (iOS 4.0 Only).

Tested with all major download sites including; Rapidshare, Dropbox,, MEGAUPLOAD, Google Images. All web based Email clients with supported attachment types.

Supported File Types:
*.jpg ( Joint Photographic Experts Group )
*.tif ( Tagged Image File Format )
*.png ( Portable Network Graphics )
*.gif ( Graphics Interchange Format )
*.bmp ( Bitmap )
*.png ( Portable Network Graphics )

*.mov ( Video )
*.avi ( Video )
*.mp4 ( Mpeg 4 )
*.m4v ( Mpeg 4 )

-Productivity ( Microsoft )
*.doc ( Microsoft Word )
*.xls ( Microsoft Excel )
*.ppt ( Microsoft Powerpoint )

-Productivity ( Apple )
*.pages ( Pages )
*.numbers ( Numbers )
*.key ( Keynote )

-Word Processing
*.txt ( Text File )
*.rtf ( Rich Text )

*.htm ( Hypertext )

General Features:
-Portrait and Landscape modes are supported

Browser Features:
-Tap and Hold to Download
-Safari like experience
-Integrated Search engines include: Yahoo, Google, or Bing

File Sharing:
-USB File Sharing via iTunes (iOS4.x)
-HTTP File Sharing via WiFi 9Upload and Download)
-Email Files as Attachments (size limitations per carrier, typically 15Meg)

Quick Instructions:
1. Launch app and browse to file link
2. Quick click the link to initiate the file download
3. From the downloads tab, you can Pause, Stop, Resume, or Delete the download
4. Supports hundreds of simultaneous downloads!
5. To view the file after the download is complete;
a. Click on it in the Safe Tab [Blue Chevron launches file, Click item to get the Open, Rename, Delete, Menu]
b. Click on the file from the download Tab. Then select View.
6. The file will open in the View Files Tab. If the file is not viewable you can still access it via USB or HTTP to move it to a PC or iMAC to view there.
7. Enable and set the password from the Settings Tab. By default the password challenge at app launch is disabled.

iOS 4.0 or newer required.


BahnTech Corporation's privacy policy can be found at

Digital Safe ᵀᴹ is a BahnTech Corporation Trademark

-Added Lock On Multitask (per user requests)
-Added "Download Next Link" Button, to make downloading even easier. Note that the link must have a supported file type extension, i.e. linkname.jpg
-Added better handling of MP3 files
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