Dog Anxiety

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Cure your Dog’s Anxiety – This App comes in Audio and Book format.

Does it break your heart to hear your dog cry when you try to leave home?

Are you worried your dog will destroy everything in your home while you're away?

Do your neighbours complain about your dog’s non-stop barking and howling when you are away from home?

These are signs your best-friend is emotionally distressed and needs your help.

Does your dog perceive anyone near you to be a threat to them; for example; your friends, relatives or God forbid... your children?

...and, should your dog ever snap at someone, especially a child... It only takes one incident to have an animal put down. You could even be facing criminal charges!

You should never be worried about leaving your home . . . Or inviting people into your home.
A normal dog with great behavior will sleep, bark every so often, or chew their toys when left alone. Basically they should do what they normally do when you are with them.

If you want to arrive home without being attacked or having to clean up a huge mess, this App (includes Book and Audio) may very well be the most important information you will ever read!

If you think them jumping on you acting crazy is a sign of affection, well that's partly true; but mostly they are so wound up about being left alone that they act and perform uncontrollably and without reason..

An emotionally scarred dog with separation anxiety will typically do one or more of the following:

✪ Whine, cry and bark incessantly.
✪ Pace the house or the perimeter looking for you - and never rest
✪ Chew furniture, destroy carpeting, knock over plants and often eat through panelling or drywall.
✪ Jump on you and your guests when they see you, often ruining and dirtying clothes and possibly scratching skin
✪ Get jealous and growl or attack anyone near you... this can include small children... who love to pet "any" dog
✪ A female dog will often be so excited at your returned, that she will unknowingly begin to urinate... while jumping on you
✪ Dogs with severe separation anxiety will also urinate and defecate all over your home. These poor animals can also cause themselves great harm by jumping through plate glass windows!

Does your pet have any of the above symptoms? If so please keep reading...

Their need for attention, especially as puppies, is pretty demanding; but there are ways to calm them down and cure them of their excessive anxiety.

Really, this is what you want and what you need in a pet:

✪ A loving animal that is comfortable around everyone in your home

✪ A pet that can be trusted to not destroy your home while you are away.

✪ A dog that won't growl or bark at friends and family

✪ A dog that won't jump on people and scratch and tear their clothes

✪ A dog like you see in the movies, loving, warm and kind to all.

✪ But most of all... a wonderful dog that is able to lead an emotionally healthy life!

Isn’t time to take control of your pet and show them that its OK to be alone by themselves.
Making them understand that it’s OK is one of the first steps, but often the hardest. The App you are looking at includes all the information you'll need to get into your animals head to know what it truly needs to be placated.

Breaking this level of anxiety is only going to make them live a rich, full life, but it’s not easy with a dog with a severe separation anxiety disorder.
If left untreated, it can even cause this poor animal to hurt themselves and possibly someone else.

So – just download this App for FREE, and help your poor dog work through the mental suffering it deals with while you are away - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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