Discover Access 2007 HD - Part II

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リリース日2010-12-19 05:36:11
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Discover Access 2007 HD is interactive multimedia training for users of Microsoft Office Access 2007. The Discover products combine audio, animation, and software simulation to make the "discovery" of computer programs both effective and entertaining.

Discover Access 2007 - Part II covers the following topics:

Find And Sort Data
• Find A Record
• Sorting Records
• Perform An Advanced Sort

Work With Filters
• What Is A Filter?
• Apply & Remove Filters

Use Queries To Retrieve Data
• Creating & Saving Queries
• Multi-Table Queries
• Create A Select Query
• Add A Calculated Field To A Query

Summarize Data With Select Queries
• Summarizing Data
• Create A Query To Summarize Data

Create Complex-Criteria Queries
• Complex-Criteria Queries
• Create A Complex-Criteria Query

Create Parameter Queries
• Parameter Queries
• Create A Parameter Query

Create Action Queries To Modify Data
• Action Queries
• Create A Delete Query
• Create An Update Query
• Create An Append Query

Report Basics
• What Is A Report?

Create Reports Using The Report Wizard
• Use The Report Wizard

Create Reports In Design View
• Creating Reports
• Report Controls
• Error-Checking In Reports
• Report Sections
• Create A Report In Design View
• Add A Calculated Control To A Report

Modify Reports
• Report Element Properties
• Modify Control Properties
• Modify Section Properties
• Modify Report Properties

Sort And Group Report Data
• Set Sorting & Grouping Options

Use Subreports
• Subreports
• Create A Subreport

Import Data Into Access
• Importing Data
• Import Data Into A New Table

Link To External Data
• Link To Another Access Database Table
• Working With Linked Tables

Export Data From Access
• Exporting Data
• Export Data

File Formats & Compatibility
• New PowerPoint 2007 File Format
• Saving An Access 2007 Database In An Earlier Version
• Converting A Database to Access 2007 Format

Database Security
• Database Security In Access 2007
• Encrypt A Database With A Password

Database Splitter
• Splitting Databases
• Split A Database

Improve Database Performance
• Use Performance Analyzer
• The Compact & Repair Tool

Share A Database
• Publishing A Database
• Exporting Data To A SharePoint List

Collect Database Data
• Collecting Data Via E-mail

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