Seline™ Music Instrument

価格 300円
107.6MB (ダウンロードにWIFIが必要)
開発者Amidio Inc.
リリース日2010-12-18 17:30:18
評価 評価が取得できませんでした。
互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2021-01-16 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Featured as New & Noteworthy by Apple in over 20 stores worldwide!

Seline is an all-new iPhone (Retina) version of Seline HD, the #1 iPad Music App, Top Best-Seller, nominee for "Best Musical Innovation 2010"... as seen in the hit video "The iPad Orchestra" (, featured by TechCrunch, MacLife, TUAW and many more.

"...Gorgeous, futuristic music making app... one of the most ambitious apps I've seen, period." - Gizmodo


Symbiosis of research, technology, and passion... Seline is the latest, most innovative and best-sounding music instrument for the iPad and now iPhone, aimed at easy creation of complicated, soulful, intricate melodies, backed with lush soundscapes.

Seline is a great live performance and improvisation music instrument that will keep you playing for hours, even if you haven't touched any music instrument before. Amidio's advanced CrystalClarity HD sound engine now is capable of analyzing and predicting your melodies! The sound is altered on the fly with a dozen of subtle algorhythms that add unbelievable expression, character and life to your music.

Seline features a completely new, ergonomically designed (finally!) playing surface called ioGrid, suitable for players with all hand sizes. The melodies are played with two thumbs and accelerometer ("VariSlide"). Fully adjustable 16-note scale is divided into 2 parts (odd and even), which are then mapped on the left and right grids. Such way of note mapping is beneficial to the existing linear scale mapping solutions as it allows many more improvisation possibilities. And, of course, the player is never out of tune.

Seline can be used to play any melody but it does have its own character and sound. The player can choose from 25 built-in factory voices (flutes, bowed strings, reeds, synth leads and more) and 9 drone voices. Drones (chorded synth pads) are generated on-the-fly based on the complex analysis of your melody line and provide an excellent background layer for your melody.

Seline player is equipped with full range of recording possibilities, including direct recording to .wav files, deleting, doubling tracks. Overdubbing (layering tracks) is possible and encouraged, since it is an excellent way to create complex orchestrations. Two available onboard FX - grand stereo reverb and dub delay - are the finishing touch in the creation of the magical, delicate sonic heaven.


+ Advanced CrystalClarity HD sound engine
+ ioGrid - ergonomically designed playing surface
+ Accelerometer-based "VariSlide" feature
+ Playing expressive, soulful melodies has never been so easy before
+ 25 instruments and 9 drone sounds
+ Automatic backing track - drones (chorded pads) generation
+ Grand stereo reverb, dub delay FX
+ 25 included scales + custom scale creation
+ Record to .WAV, overdub, file manager
+ Find your recorded .wav files in iTunes / Apps / Seline page
+ Wi-Fi MIDI IN/OUT via DSMIDI (experimental but working)


Following in updates:

+ Record to MIDI along wth .wav
+ More instuments

* Brought to you by Amidio, the makers of Touch DJ,, Hexatone, iHolophone & other music apps... *
iPad version available - look for Seline HD!

+ iOS 5 Sound Fix
+ Stability Improved
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更新日時:2021年1月16日 03時30分




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