iTC Calc for iPad, The Timecode Toolkit

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開発者KPL Production Services, Ltd.
リリース日2010-12-18 13:27:53
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Why settle for a timecode calculator when you can get so much more?... Introducing iTC Calc for iPad, the timecode toolkit for your timecode daily needs. Created, designed & engineered by filmmakers for filmmakers, iTC Calc for iPad is more than a regular timecode calculator, so much more...

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See iTC Calc for iPad in action here:


"iTC Calc [is] an incredibly helpful addition to [editors'] toolkit"
✒ Larry Jordan -

"iTC Calc is one of the best timecode calculator yet"
✒ Scott Simmons -

"I was quite surprised at how much I actually use [iTC Calc]"
"I have tried to review several [timecode calculators] iPhone apps in the past and I always had trouble with them crashing. Not this one."
✒ John DeMaio -


"Professional product worth the money.", martyver
"Complete , easy , good design", Vhuliff
"Clever programming.", Commander Superfinger
"A solid app that I'll be keeping around", Joshpetok
"I found this program so helpful thanks", Shopan's


✔ Organic, creative and efficient interface
✔ supports 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 (30 DF), 30, 50, 59.96 (DF & NDF) & 60 frames rates
✔ timecode/frame converter
✔ Vari-Speed Calculator
✔ Touch History
✔ offset utility
✔ duration utility
✔ TRT (total running time) calculator
✔ Swipe Backspace
✔ SwitchBack button
✔ Auto-save for never lose a timecode anymore

Additional tools available for purchase:
✔ Video Disk Space
✔ Frame Rate Converter

Created, designed & engineered by filmmakers for filmmakers, iTC Calc for iPad is so much more than a regular timecode calculator. iTC Calc is in fact the perfect companion for any producer, post-production producer, editor, Flame or After Effect artists and everyone who need to deal with timecode and frames.

iTC Calc for iPad introduces an all-new organic, effective and creative interface: you will work faster and you will get your results with less efforts.

iTC Calc for iPad is ready for HD and supports most standard frame rates including 23.98, 24 fps, 25 fps, 29.97 DF and more...

iTC Calc for iPad is a real toolkit with its tool cards:
- Touch History shows you all your precedent results for quick review and let you recall any of them by tapping on it
- Duration Calculator is a must-have for every post-prod producer who needs to calculate breaks length & TRT of shows
- Vari-Speed Calculator: how much can you vari-speed a film or a movie without changing its pitch? This will give you a very quick answer
- Video Disk Space [in-app]: for planning your storage needs before they run out of memory
- Frame rate converter [in-app]: need to convert between 23.98 & 29.97 fps or any other frame rate? You will LOVE this tool card
- Offset calculator: who never had to offset a bunch of timecodes?
- Frame/timecode: AE, Flame & CGI artists, you know you need it!

With Swipe Backspace, just swipe your finger on the timecode screen from left to right and you will erase the wrong digit you just entered. Need to remove more than one? No problem! You can swipe until you clear the whole screen.

So, to resume, why settle for a timecode calculator when you can get so much more?...

If you encounter any issues with the app, please contact our support. We'll solve them!

[improved] solve some cases when the [timecode|frame] switch graphic wasn't shown on first use
[improved] added a new restore card for in-app purchases
[fixed] fixed some cases when the mute switch wasn't muting sound fx
[new] Retina icon for The New iPad
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更新日時:2023年10月1日 20時47分




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