Beautiful Capoeira

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開発者Appsolute LLC
リリース日2010-12-19 10:50:51
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星5 (1人)
互換性iOS 11.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
Capoeira is Beautiful! Its a martial art, its also a game, its also a dance, its music, rhythm … and a way of moving through Life and interacting with people. Capoeira became a huge part of my Life! I really made this app for me. I made it to help me learn movements and floreios … and it helped me tremendously. In order to make this app I've traveled the world and got connected with teachers I really wanted to learn form. I think you'll like this app and I am sure it will help you improve as well. Axe :)

This app will teach you Capoeira floreios, movements, escapes, kicks, combos, and injury prevention exercises by presenting them as high-resolution frame by frame animations.

"Amazing moves on the go! The quality is superior and technology is revolutionary. It makes it easy and practical to actually learn moves in detail. By far the best app period!"
-- BBoy Jeromeskee (Massive Monkees / Rocksteady Crew)

- high-resolution graphics that utilize the Retina display
- large library of Capoeira movements, escapes, kicks, stretches, floreios and 14 combos from Cordão de Ouro!
- control animation for every move: "flip it" and learn it the other direction, pause, continue playing, go back / forward

Please send feedback / suggestions to:

Thanks for your support and reviews!
Here is a massive update for you, folks!

Update includes:
► iPadOS support
- one app for iPhone and iPad

► New In-App Purchases (in "Watch the rest" section)
You can download:
- “Mestre Xuxo’s Enjoy Yourself” - full documentary, broke into chapters and available even if you’re offline.
- lessons pack on Atabaque by Cordao de Ouro Capoeira group
- a complete interactive library of Handstands
- Mestre Xuxo's signature style capoeira moves pack
- Atabaque Lessons - interactive Atabaque lessons by CDO (different rhythms with one drum, lessons on how to take care of your drums and how to create perfect sound)
- Mestre Xuxo's Atabaque Lessons - interactive Atabaque lessons by Mestre Xuxo (rhythms played on 1-3 drums)
- Interactive library of Acrobatics moves

► New UI
- new user interface with gestures - swipe from the very left of the screen to go back
- buttons for 1 flame forward/backward for precise animation control
- both landscape and portrait orientations supported with intelligent background, that adapts the colors of the shown animations
- added "Info" button for text descriptions of the animations with detail instruction on the movement execution

► New "Settings" screen. 
- Now you can set the speed of the animations, turn on/off the background music

► New "Favorites" screen
- add any video/animation to favorites when the animation/video is active. 
- you can use the Favorites list (from main menu) to plan your training or for fast access. 
- you can edit the list (re-arrange, delete) with the "edit" button in the top right corner of the Favorites screen.

► Video features updated
- swipe on video to watch next/previous chapter
- slo-mo button for slow motion video playback
- AirPlay support for your devices (like AppleTV)

► Bug fixes
We've fixed all the issues with previous iOS and now the app works flawlessly.

Please send us a feedback (to or leave a review on what would you like to see in the next version of the App!

Axé :)
更新日時:2021年1月26日 21時15分




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