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Foodie Flash: Flashcards for Traveling Foodies. Eat what you want, when you want, where you want! There is no need to be able to speak or read the local language! We have over 200 translations to allow you to order food and express your preferences in any situation.

If you are tired of flapping your arms to mimic a chicken or oinking to mimic a pig, it’s time to get Foodie Flash! We have compiled the most useful phrases for ordering food and eating at restaurants and then asked native speakers to translate them for us. We are 100% sure our translations are correct and will be understood by the locals. We have also included pictures on many translations for faster comprehension.

Are you allergic to specific foods? Do you have specific ways you like your food prepared? Do you have any dietary restrictions? Foodie Flash allows you to express your food preferences and aversions quickly and easily.

Do you want to know what the most popular dishes are? The least expensive dishes? The waiter’s recommendations? Do you want to order what the table next to you is eating? Foodie Flash has got it all covered!

Would you like any additional phrases translated? Send them in and we will try to include them in our next updates! As always, we welcome any and all feedback as we are looking to continuously improve our products.

The translations have been sorted into eight categories for fast, easy navigation.

1.General Restaurant Questions
3.Food Preferences
4.Types of Food
5.Food Preparation
7.Questions for Wait Staff
8.Regional Specialty Dishes & Foods - Indonesia

With Foodie Flash, we hope you are able to experience many culinary adventures on your travels around the world!

Foodie Flash has or will have the following languages translated and are adding more languages every week! Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Italian, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi, Tamil, English, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Swahili, Sinhalese, Arabic, Tagalog, and many more!

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