LIFE Digital Photo Guide

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リリース日2010-12-21 17:00:00
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The LIFE Digital Photo Guide

LIFE, photography, the iPad and you: A match made in heaven.

From LIFE’s last staff photographer, Joe McNally, comes a guide filled with his personal pictures, instruction, tips, jokes and enthusiasm. This is perhaps the most beautiful and authoritative photography guide ever published, and in the digital age it is perfect not only for you and your brand-new camera, but also for the iPad. Through a half-dozen videos and 27 audio clips, as well as the rollicking text, you come to know Joe—and know how to shoot like the pros.

Features Include:
-26 instructional audio recordings and one welcome audio message
- 6 instructional videos, one for each chapter
- Photo galleries and slide shows
- Hotspots throughout
- Clickable Table of Contents
- Glossary
- Landscape and portrait orientation

LIFE has been in the business of showing its viewers magnificent photography for three quarters of a century, most recently in the digital age through the spectacular and hugely successful iPad version of its book Wonders of the World. Now Joe McNally, the last in a long line of distinguished staff photographers at the storied magazine, teaches you how to shoot like the pros. The LIFE Digital Photo Guide is the one app you will need from the moment you unwrap your new camera to when you are clicking away in the field.

McNally, one of LIFE’s master shooters, has always believed that with a little preparation and care, with a dash of enthusiasm and daring added to the equation, anyone can turn a “keeper” into a treasure. That was true in days of yore, and it’s true in the digital age. Joe explains in this interactive app, in a detailed, friendly, conversational, anecdotal, lively way, how to take best advantage of what your new toy was designed to do, and also when to outthink your camera or push your camera—to go for the gold, to create that indelible family memory that you will have blown up as large as the technology will allow, and that will hang on the wall forevermore.

In chapters on equipment, composition, lighting, exposure and other basics, Joe and the editors of LIFE tell you everything you need to know.

Thanks to the wizardry made available by the iPad, your hobby comes vibrantly alive in this book, and so does the renowned teacher Joe McNally via a half-dozen embedded videos and more than two dozen audio clips.

LIFE and photography: Over 70 years and counting.
The iPad and photography: a modern-day match made in heaven.
This guide, the iPad and you: irresistible.

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