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Favorite Recipes takes you on a culinary expedition like no other. Your taste buds will trek across nations and continents. A veritable collection of the world’s most loved and sought-after recipes is presented with this app, which enables users to explore international cuisines and the world's most iconic recipes. These dishes are guaranteed to bring untold happiness into your home.
The first publication of our new online series icook2day, Favorite Recipes includes 70 exceptional recipes skillfully presented by our own Chef Michael. This iPhone app is a global gourmet cornucopia, including – but certainly not limited to – several international styles like classic British favorites, delicious Caribbean delights, the finest Greek delicacies, sweet and sour Thai recipes, savory North African dishes, appetizing Spanish cuisine, zesty Oriental flavors, spicy Indian food, popular Italian must-haves, and tasty Mexican goodies.
Favorite Recipes is the perfect resource for those who love exploring new cuisines. With an attractive opening splash screen, it presents tempting images of mouth-watering recipes. All recipes include photographs of the steps involved in preparation, and of course of the finished dishes themselves. With close to 300 photographs and 10 cooking videos (with lively voice-overs), in which Chef Michael imparts valuable insights into cooking techniques, this app will inspire nearly anybody to take on the joy of cooking.
Favorite Recipes allows you to create a shopping list based on recipes you choose. Additional food items can always be included. The shopping list has great flexibility, and can be sorted according to either the recipe itself, or according to other cogent categories… even the departments in the grocery store! Those items which have already been purchased are conveniently checked off. We may be sending handwritten shopping lists to obsolescence.
Shopping lists and recipes are easily emailed or shared with friends via Facebook, and favorite recipe lists and menus can be created effortlessly. There is also an ingredient calculator that efficiently and precisely adjusts the quantities of different ingredients according to the number of portions desired.
These gourmet delights are sure to engage all your senses. They are tasty, time-tested favorites, and are definitely not to be missed. Go around the world in 70 dishes! Download Favorite Recipes today!

1. Add Facebook Integration
2. Update Recipe Videos
3. Corrections and Elimination of Bugs
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