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リリース日2010-12-21 17:00:00
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Wow! Thank you all for downloading! Over 50,000 downloads in less than one-week!

Many more updates coming soon, including more blocks, types and styles of blocks, and customized physics!

"Bloki has taken a simple toy and turned it into a delightful app." - The iPhone Mom (

As a parent of young children, we know you're used to questions… (A never-ending stream of questions ;))

Sooooo… instead of a boring app description we thought, hey! let’s give these parents a break… why not let YOU ask the questions, and WE can do the answering (for once).

So here goes…

Q: What is Blöki?

A: Blöki is a block-building application for children. We’ve done our best to bring the world of wooden block building to your iPhone/iPod. There is no time limit, no points, and no leader-board. This application has been designed to provide a canvas for your child to express their creativity and provide a purely tactile experience in the digital realm.

Q: When is a good time for Blöki?

A: Obviously almost any time is a great time to play with Blöki! We encourage allowing your children to play and experiment with “real” building blocks as much as possible, however there are many times when this is simply not possible. Our children tend to play with Blöki when we are out and about… waiting in lines, waiting for appointments, traveling, etc...

Q: Where in the world can your kids play with Blöki?

A: Ah, this is simple… anyplace where losing “real” blocks may be an issue.

Oh and of course, the ever-present…

Q: Why Blöki?

A: In the physical world there are many wonderful creative toys for kids, however we’ve noticed that digitally there are very few for young children. It is our goal to bring some of these simple building tools to the digital realm. This is essentially how Blöki was born :)

Blöki Features:

- Block building supported in both landscape and portrait mode.
- Save your children’s creations directly to your iPhone/iPod gallery.
- Beautiful realistic wooden textured blocks simulate the real block building experience.
- Stack blocks in ways that your children never could in the “real” world.

Coming soon to Blöki:

- More blocks! (both styles and textures)
- Ability to post your children’s creations to Facebook!
- Alternate backgrounds, add to the realism of the block building experience by placing your blocks in many different environments!

Please purchase Blöki today and assist our team in creating a whole host of additional creative and educational tools for young children. Also let us know what you think of Blöki. And please send all requests and support questions to:

Design, development, and concept by Driftlab Interactive.

We've listened to your requests and added in a realistic physics mode!

Simply slide the padlock toggle to lock/unlock the block's rotation!

We've also updated the help menu and now open the shelf by default to assist with overall usability.
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