Christmas selfmade greetings

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Create and send your very own personal greeting cards, with our new self made Christmas Greetings app! In just a few clicks, you can design a custom card from scratch using stock drag and drop elements or by drawing your own. Dress your creation up with cool special effects then share with others. Read below to learn why you should download this App today!

With this app you can choose from a myriad of beautiful designs or draw your own, all from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It’s really easy and fun to use the app’s simple navigation, too. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a card that you will be proud to email or Facebook to all your friends and family.

You’ll start with a blank canvas and your imagination. Make the background any color you want, so it’ll match the mood of your greeting perfectly. After that, just select the graphics or text you want and get creative. All you have to do is tap, drag and drop.

All of the stock graphics can be scaled, rotated and moved. That means that you can make a personal, custom greeting card every time. Don’t like some of the elements that you’ve loaded onto the page? No problem, just delete them from the card and select new ones. See? Easy as pie.

When it comes time to add the perfect sentiment to your card, that’s a breeze, too. There are ready-to-go messages for you to choose from that you can customize, just by changing the size, color and type of text font.

If that isn’t custom enough for you, go ahead and type your own greeting and dress up your card to look exactly the way you want it. When you’re done, email it to friends and loved ones or share with others on Facebook. All it takes is a tap to the screen.

Look at the features you get in DewDrops:
•Spectacularly cute, self-made greeting cards
•Easy-to-use interface
•Tap, drag and drop stock graphics and text
•Scale, rotate and move items
•Set different canvas (background) colors
•Use predefined or custom text
•Apply special effects to dress up cards
•upload your own photos and dress up
•Share your cards with others via email or Facebook

Release your inner artist and send those on your card list a thoughtful greeting that you’ve created yourself.

Download DewDrops now.

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