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The Age Newspaper app allows you to read, search and share an exact replica of Victoria’s leading broadsheet newspaper, wherever and whenever you want.

Simply install and register to begin your FREE 7 day trial and enjoy all your favourite sections of The Age. Download complete editions including News, BusinessDay and Sport to Epicure, Green Guide, Life & Style and enjoy them anytime even without internet connection. Download up to two weeks of archived editions and have them available for review in your library for over 4 weeks.

If it appears in The Age you’ll find it on your iPad. Flip through pages, zoom in or view articles as text, search for and share stories of interest via email or Facebook.

Included in the latest updated version:
Ø Complete final edition of The Age available daily by 5am
Ø Sharing articles via email, and posting to Facebook
Ø Search for articles via single word or part word search in a single edition or from your library of downloaded editions.
Ø Live hyperlinks in stories and advertisements
Ø Pause and Resume downloads
Ø More comprehensive instructions in Help
Ø Ability to enlarge text font in article view

Install now and enjoy a FREE introductory 7 day trial. With just a few simple steps you will have The Age newspaper whenever you want it, in a format you already know. Please note this is a subscription service and after 7 days you will be asked if you would like to resubscribe.

Subscription options include:
•The 7 day package: $32 every 4 weeks to receive The Age home delivered 7 days a week (Victoria only), PLUS The Age delivered to your iPad, laptop and desktop every day.

•The 4 day package: $20 every 4 weeks to receive The Age home delivered 4 days a week on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Victoria only), PLUS The Age delivered to your iPad, laptop and desktop every day.

•The Age digital package for iPad and PC: $18 every 4 weeks to receive The Age, exactly as it appears in print, but in the convenient and easily accessible format for iPad and online.

Your ideas and feedback will help guide the development of our second- and third-generation apps. Please send your comments to

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