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Home Theater Shack was created and founded in April 2006 to provide a home theater forum where audio and video enthusiast could come to escape all the nonsense that you will typically find in other similar home theater forums. Finally, someone realized that there are serious and mature people that want to talk about home theater without being harassed, trolled, intimidated and insulted by a bunch of condescending know-it-alls who are only out to flatter their own ego. Someone realized we needed a place to gather where we would not have to put up with the immature filthy language and smack talk from those who have absolutely no respect for others. Enter into a morally developed, safe, clean, friendly and respected atmosphere... enter Home Theater Shack!

At Home Theater Shack we cover all aspects of the home theater system from electronics equipment, home theater design, construction and acoustics… to the movies and music that create your viewing and listening enjoyment. Anything related to home theater, audio, video and high definition is discussed in our home theater forums. We have the friendliest staff you will find in a home theater forum and lay first claim to being the most respected home theater forum on the net!

Having you been looking for a home theater surround sound system for your home and just not sure what to buy? Are you overwhelmed by the selection of products and equipment brands offered? Our home theater forums can also help you in determining the right electronics components for you. You may wish to visit our Home Theater Systems Recommendations forum to get suggestions on what equipment will be right for you. Perhaps you are ready to embark on the journey of designing and building that dedicated home theater room. We have specialist available to help you in our Home Theater Design and Construction forum. We have helped hundreds of members design and build their systems. You can even browse through our home theater gallery to view many of the theaters our members have built. Maybe you are looking to try your hand at building your own speakers or subwoofer… or maybe you are looking to save money and create your own projection screen for your theater. Home Theater Shack is home to the most prolific DIY Speakers, DIY Subwoofers and DIY Screens forums on the web. We just plain get it done! At Home Theater Shack we also have forums available to show off your theater… and we offer a free image gallery to host your photos. If it is help you need, we got it covered. If you want to discuss home theater, home audio and home video, we got you covered. If you want to read the latest movie reviews, we got you covered. We do it all at Home Theater Shack and we do it with class!

Are you ready to shop for your new home theater system, looking to add to your current system or interesting in upgrading a specific piece of equipment? Our Home Theater Shack Stores are among the largest online home theater, audio and video consumer electronics retailers offering a huge selection and the best deals on consumer electronics. We offer a wide variety of home theater systems to allow you to create the ideal viewing and listening environment. If you are looking for complete systems, home theater receivers, Blu-ray players, HDTV video displays, movies and music… you have found your home!

Home Theater Shack Stores was originally created to service our forum members. However, we realized that other audio and video enthusiasts would benefit from having access to our home theater shopping stores. In many cases it may be that after you have purchased your electronics equipment, that you will need help setting up and connecting your system. Therefore, we have created a dedicated forum, System Setup and Connection designed to help you get your home theater system setup and connected. We have a very large staff of knowledgeable enthusiast ready and eager to help.

We look forward to seeing you around!

Home Theater Shack

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