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リリース日2010-12-18 11:59:17
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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***PLEASE READ FIRST: Some customers have reported issues with iOS 8+. We will work on an update for this***

"It is the most feature rich Soft Box a photographer can buy and one you carry with you anywhere. If you want it this app has it"

--Note: This app is for lighting your subject, whether it's for off camera lighting or in frame. It is not a camera app. You need another camera to take the photos. --

-Best Softbox app on the App Store .... and we keep making it better!
-#1 app in over 21 countries [as of 4/16/11]
-Seen on "What's Hot" in places and 15 countries
-The longest running #1 app in Canada for lighting
-Outstanding Review on over 8 top websites.


Photo Soft Box Pro is a new way of using your iPad as a creative light source in
your photography setup. Photo Soft Box Pro expands your creativity in the studio
by giving you over 16 stunning textured images to incorporate into your compositions.

View our demo videos at:


FEATURES: Photo Soft Box offers more with over 15 features:

• Full support for iPad 2 HDMI out. Turn any HDTV or display into a photo soft box.
• Works with our optional Remote app*
• 3 blur settings to soften each diffusers/shapes light
• Full RGB Color controls
• Shape rotation
• Shape resizing
• Shape moving
• Brightness control!
• Load any shape for your photo album and use as a diffuser
• Flip and Mirror shape/diffusers
• Use both your iPhone and iPad at the same time!
• 10 preset white balances to match everything from indoor lighting
to bright sunlight (2000k to 9000k).
• 16 diffusers/shapes for different lighting styles
• Turn on and off the black around a shape
• Free shapes every week from our site

Yup we got it all! Photo Soft Box Pro for the truly creative professional!


With our optional Remote app, be inspired in a new way — without interrupting the creative process. The Remote is also ideal for videographers looking for dynamic lighting they can change over time without having their hands block the light.

We love sharing photos and seeing your creativity! Join us on:
Our site:

• Add drama to your photos, add a color cast for enhancement, and/or add eye shine to your model — it’s only the beginning of the creative ways you can use the tools already in your pocket.

• Difficult or tight shots just became simpler; devices using Photo Soft Box Pro are easy to position and keep from the camera's view.

• Eleven different diffusers offer dramatic light patterns. Imagine the possibilities for capturing that stunning shot.

• Use Photo Soft Box Pro as your only light source or as a supplement to traditional light sources. Use additional iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches to control your lighting environment.

Photo Soft Box Pro for the truly creative professional!

It is the best light source a photographer can buy and one you carry with you anyway.
* "Photo Soft Box Pro Remote" and can be found at the app store!

We know there is a problem with PhotoSoftbox Pro Remote and iOS 7.0. We are working on fixing the problem.
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更新日時:2021年1月20日 12時08分




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