CPR Rescue

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開発者Gary Thackrah
リリース日2010-12-10 20:22:10
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2023-04-01 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Protector Aluminium is a Queensland based supplier of pool fences to Australian retailers. As part of our commitment to pool safety, we have an iPhone app that details the actions to be taken in the case of an emergency. The app plays a voice over that clearly steps through the "DRABC" method, plus images to support each section.


- 2 modes: "Training" and "Emergency". In training mode the user can manually scroll through each section. In emergency mode, the app automatically scrolls through each section, and can be paused at any time.
- Voice over and images are specific to a target audience: baby, child and adult.
- Emergency mode features a "Call Emergency" button which automatically dials the emergency number local to the user's country. (Not available on iPod Touch or iPad).
- When CPR is to be performed, iPhone beeps in time with compressions.
- Its free!

Disclaimer - “The protocols and information accessible through use of this iphone application (“APP”) is designed for the Australian and New Zealand Market Only (this disclaimer however shall apply to the use of the APP irrespective of the nationality or geographical location of the user.) This APP and the information accessible through its use (“the Information”) should not be used as a substitute for first aid training.  Users of this APP should not act upon the Information without first seeking their own professional first aid and or medical advice. Whilst all due care has been taken by Protector Aluminium Pty Ltd A.C.N ………..(“PA”) in the preparation of this APP and the Information it takes no responsibility for its use by any parties or individuals nor does it warrant or represent that the APP or the Information is free from errors or omission, or that it is exhaustive . Users of this APP will be responsible for making their own assessment of the Information and should verify all relevant representations, statements and information with their own professional advisers. Furthermore, while the Information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may affect the accuracy of the Information. The information may change without notice and PA is not in any way liable for the accuracy of the Information stored by a user.”

Slight modification to CPR procedure
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更新日時:2023年4月1日 03時31分




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