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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Customers love audio products. Whether they are recordings of seminars and teleconferences, one-on-one interviews, or creating audio versions of print materials, a well produced audio product is a high value item. But they come with a downside. Unlike your typical e-book, high-quality audio product can consume hundreds of megabytes of storage space. Try to deliver this to your end user and you will quickly find yourself rapidly burning through your bandwidth delivering the product and end up losing money to excess bandwidth charges or having to price your product higher to cover the additional costs (or lose customers.) The solution to this problem is to compress your audio files until they are small enough to deliver cost effectively. However, if you don't know what you are doing when compressing an audio file, you can end up with aweful results that make you appear like an amateur. This report will lead you through the steps of preparing and compression audio files and show you how to create top quality results that are small enough to deliver cost effectively.

About Tree Frog

Tree Frog Reader was created with the end reader in mind. Tree Frog lets you easily navigate through your book with books being organized into Chapters/Verse.

Tree Frog Reader Features Include:

-Adjust Font Size
-Adjust Font Type
-Write Notes
-Portrait/Landscape Mode
-Auto Rotates into Portrait/Landscape Mode
-Ability to Lock into Portrait/Landscape Mode
-Day/Night Mode
-Read it anywhere no Internet needed
-Opens to last spot read
-Easy Navigation
-Books Sorted into Chapters/Pages
-Images can easily be viewed within Reader

About PublisherApp

PublisherApp creator of the Tree Frog Reader, PublisherApp is software development team located in Southern Utah. Our technology includes our proprietary Publishing Platform and Tree Frog Reader which is dedicated to making it easier for Experts, Coaches, Professionals,Authors and Publishers to share their great content in a digital format!

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