Bass Jam Tracks: Jazz

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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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★★★ Our sister app, Guitar Jam Tracks was Featured by Gizmodo as one of the Best Apps of the Week (9/10/10)! and featured by Apple in the What's Hot section ★★★

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Don't fear the fretboard — conquer it one scale at a time with Bass Jam Tracks: Jazz!

Imagine having the confidence to sit in with any musician or band, anywhere - no matter what key they are playing in. Imagine being able to close your eyes and let your fingers dance all over the fretboard, never worrying about where to put them. It's not even a question - with enough practice, you WILL achieve these things; Bass Jam Tracks will just help you get there FASTER.

Experiment with grooving in 14 keys as you learn the foundations of great bass playing with Bass Jam Tracks: Jazz. This app features a sweet & smokey Jazz Master Track recorded in 14 different keys for you to practice (bass lines are removed :). Every key includes a list of chords played in the progression, along with zoom-able scale charts that show you exactly where to put your fingers on the fretboard. Mastering your scales has never been easier!

There is nothing more impressive than a bass player who really commands the groove. But let's face it - becoming an incredible bassist is not easy! Like every great skill, it requires plenty of practice and dedication. Luckily, Bass Jam Tracks is designed to make that part a lot easier, and more fun too!

So whether you want to be the next bass legend or just jam along with some other musicians, Bass Jam Tracks is a great friend to have around. It is one of the best apps for bassists of all skill levels. Just read our reviews and download today!

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