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The LDS Doctrinal Classics Collection brings you Government of God by John Taylor.

• The Wisdom, Order, and Harmony of the Government of God.
• The Government of Man.
• On the Incompetency of the Means Made Use of by Man to Regenerate the World
• What Is Man? What Is His Destiny and Relationship to God?
• The Object of Man's Existence on the Earth; and His Relationship Thereto
• Man's Accountability to God
• The Lord's Course in the Moral Government of the World.
• Whose Right Is It to Govern the World? Who Has Governed It?
• Will Man Always Be Permitted to Usurp Authority Over Men, and Over the Works of God? Will the World Remain for Ever Under a C...
• Will God's Kingdom Be a Literal Or a Spiritual Kingdom?
• The Establishment of the Kingdom of God Upon the Earth.
• The Effects of the Establishment of Christ's Kingdom, Or the Reign of God Upon the Earth.

Part of the LDS Doctrinal Classics 40 Book Collection! A Unique Collection of LDS Doctrinal and Historical Books written by Early Church Leaders and Scholars.

Presented by Latter-Day Apps with Essential Reading and Study Features that include:

✓ Create, Save, and Move an Unlimited amount of Customized Bookmarks!
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✓ Landscape Mode and Landscape Lock!
✓ Save My Spot restores location when app is closed and returned to later!

Please email us with any questions. Thanks and be sure to check out all of the other titles in the LDS Doctrinal Classics Collection by searching for "LDS Doctrinal Classics". Enjoy!


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