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Dozens of Themes & Pages. Hundreds of Characters. And, the ability to write and save all your stories.

BUILD A STORY lets kids create and write, keep, read and share their own personalized storybooks!

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Now, Build A Story is so much BIGGER than the Free version! You get all these Themes, Pages and Characters already built in:

Outer Space

with ALL their Pages and ALL their Characters, right from the start!

So, with dozens of Storybook Themes and pre-drawn Pages to get you started -- plus *hundreds* of fun, colorful characters to select and arrange in infinite combination -- your kids' & students' imaginations are about to be unleashed like never before.

Best of all, you get to write and save all the text and dialogue you want in your Stories.

You can also Save multiple pages at once, for an entire Storybook to be read, shared and printed. ... It really is the best way to make your own storybook and bring your child's dreams to life!

Its easy and fun to use:

1) Choose from lots of Themes to get started: jungles, fairy garden, country farms, outer space and heaps more each theme has several different pages to add, to make your story as long and varied as you want.

2) With so many different Character Categories (like Animals, Food, Ocean Life, Furniture, Flowers and People) plus as many as 30 DIFFERENT characters in each category, the story varieties are endless.

3) Story Writing. What's truly special and unique about Build a Story is the unique Storywriting and Speech features. Describe the action going on in your tale, create dramatic flourishes and plot twists, write your own Diary, Holiday or Family memory, and let your characters speak for themselves with speech bubbles!

You can Save your stories as you go, add in as many pages as you want, Read all your stories on iPad, email them to friends and family and print them out to make your own, real-life story book!

WANT EVEN MORE THEMES? Just tap on New Themes for the BUILD A STORY STORE - you can buy all new Themes with heaps of new Pages and Characters, like Christmas, Castles, Schools, Sports, Zoos, Dinosaurs and heaps more!

SUBMIT YOUR STORIES FOR EVERYONE TO SEE, ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE! Build a Story lets you upload your story to our Facebook Page for everyone to see just how creative your kids -- or you! -- really are. See others' kids' stories, upload and view your own stories today. Submit yours now at

Ready to get started? Build a Story is what the iPad was invented for: Fun, imagination, creativity, and color.

Need help? Visit us at and we’ll answer any questions you have.

What's your story?

Build A Story and Girl's World is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

Recommended Ages: All
Categories: Creative Play, Early Learning, Letters, Reading

Dozens of Themes & Pages. Hundreds of Characters. And, the ability to write and save all your stories.

BUILD A STORY lets kids create and write, keep, read and share their own personalized storybooks!

In this version: ALL NEW THEMES as In App Purchase - A Huge Update!!
Just as wonderful: we FIXED THE BUGS. Thanks for your patience - should be no more crashes.

Now, you can visit the Build A Story Store, and look through and purchase all new Themes, Pages and Characters for your very best Storytelling efforts! From Holidays like Christmas, Halloween and July 4th, to fun themes like the Zoo, City, School and more, you'll love all the new Themes you can launch to tell virtually any story you can think of.

- Each Theme comes with at least 6 pages and 30-40 new characters!

- All new interface for reading, editing and sharing your stories!

-Duplicate Pages, delete individual Pages and scroll through all your stories at a single touch!

Build A Story - still the most innovative, intuitive and unique Story Writing app available on the iPad or anywhere!
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