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"One of my top three airport apps...Anyone who plans to travel internationally more than once in a lifetime would do well to download the guide."
--Bob Tedeschi, The New York Times

For more than 30 years now, this has been the guide that travel agents, corporate executives, travel managers, travel journalists, and frequent flyers have come to rely on at home and abroad to get from the airport to the city. The only guide of its kind and the air traveler's best friend, it gives all the details you need to make an intelligent choice -- one that will save time or money or often both.

That's why The New York Times calls it "One step behind comfortable shoes as a necessity for the air traveler...(I) hope (Salk International's Airport Transit Guide) lives forever." The guide covers just about all the options for airport transit to the city and environs:

Taxi, Shuttle, Bus, Train, Limousine, and more -- with fares, routes, travel times, and pickup points. Plus: parking rates, cruise and port transfers, tipping advice, and important safety warnings.

Arthur Frommer summed it up this way: "We've found Salk's Airport Transit Guide especially helpful over the years."

Here, in one amazingly easy-to-navigate app, you have critical ground-transportation data -- found nowhere else in one place -- for more than 460 airports worldwide that allow you to make informed comparisons and money-saving decisions on the spot or before your trip begins. And this, the 25th edition, and the 1st digital edition, has been fully revised, with more than 10,000 changes.

Download the 25th edition once and you've always got it with you on your phone or tablet wherever you are in the world. No need to rely on a wireless connection, except to dial interactively. And, best of all, updates on significant changes will be issued free periodically.

The Airport Transit Guide includes website and telephone listings of most airports and many transportation companies. And, while the app is always with you without need of a wireless connection, you can, when you are in a wireless zone, interactively connect to websites and telephones. BONUS FEATURE: When you connect to the airport websites, you will often be able to check flight arrivals and departures and review airport facilities, though this is not a basic purpose of the app.

This is the same guide that American Express, AAA, and thousands of other travel agencies have used since 1982 to help guide their travelers through the maze of ground-transportation services at airports on seven continents. Companies such as Sony, Aetna, Lufthansa, Hilton, Barclay's, and American Airlines have purchased it for their travelers and clients. And now Salk International, LLC, is proud to have replaced its print edition with this unique app to go along with the traveler's "digital arsenal" of flight, hotel, and restaurant apps. Bon Voyage!


“An absolutely essential app that improves the quality of your life on the irreplaceable resource...the bible for travelers...and probably the best investment you can make.”
--Joe Brancatelli, JoeSentMe

“An invaluable aid to the traveler.”
--The BBC-TV FastTrack

“Ron Salk publishes a gem of a little book called the Airport Travel Guide. I rely on it whenever I'm going somewhere new...He's been doing this for 30 years now...and has it down to a fine art (or should I say science). The new digital edition is highly recommended for all travelers...It will save them dollars from day one, as it has for me.”
--David Rowell, The Travel Insider

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