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** Price reduced for STS-134 Endeavour Shuttle Launch **
Do you want to see a rocket Launch in Florida? Launch Pad has all the information that you need: where to go for the best viewing, where the launch pads are, how far away you are, which direction to look. Not only that Launch Pad contains a wealth of data about space related sites, old launch pads, current launch pads, space attractions, its all here. Launch Pad even has a built in news feed and launch schedule, everything you need to know in one place.

All the sites have been painstakingly researched visiting both NASA and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station rocket launch pads including the Space Shuttle and Kennedy Space Center facilities. All our GPS locations have been verified by onsite visits, which is when a lot of the supporting images were taken. Some of the historic launch pads we have recorded can be visited by the general public either on US Air Force or Kennedy Space Center tours. The Launch Pad app will provide some insight into the history of some of the locations as you pass them by, including the historic Launch Complex 34, the start of the Apollo missions.

The Launch Pad app is not all about history though (despite the fact that we visited every launch pad at Cape Canaveral) we also have details of the active launch pads, and where to go to get a good view of a rocket launch.

If you are visiting the Kennedy Space Center then this app is a good companion for your visit. Just select the "Near Me" function and the app will show you what is around you. This is ideal for identifying the launch pads on the Air Force Station from the LC-39 Viewing platform.

For more information visit http://www.wired4space.com/iphone-launch-pad

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