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Over the last few decades, direct marketing has grown from its traditional mail order form to embracing new technologies and strategies that are already setting standards in the industry. It's so powerful nowadays that thousands of companies use it to communicate with their customers. But the most important trend is INTEGRATION and CENTRALIZATION. Companies seek to integrate their customer relations and manage them from one central point. Have you seen that Microsoft commercial where a guy gets a big screen TV delivered to his house only to find out that it's not the model he ordered and when he calls the company to complain nobody knows who he is and the purchase he made? Then of course Microsoft promotes a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software tool. Much of the recent growth in direct marketing has been from companies that have constant communication with their customers. Credit card companies, banks, investment companies, insurance, mobile communication, automotive, computers and electronic products, even retailers and shopping centers use direct marketing to drive traffic to their business. I don't want to give you a big numbers study, but just to give you an idea, the total sales revenue attributed to Direct Marketing in 2003 was more than $23 trillion, yes TRILLION in the US alone, the projection for 2008 is $29.5 trillion. Why is this relevant? Well, you are probably reading this because you are trying to start a business online, have one already or just want to find a way to expand your existing "brick and mortar" business on the Net. But, what do you need to do? What's your strategy? Yes, you do need a strategy. You may have read those flashy websites that tempt you with phrases like "Make money while you're lying in bed!" or "Generate thousands in revenue without lifting a finger!" Ask yourself this: do you honestly know or have you heard of anyone who has become an instant millionaire (without winning the lottery, of course)? That isn't to say you'll have to bust your but in order to make money on the Internet. Nor will you have to take out a second mortgage, work 90-hour weeks, or sell your children on e-Bay in order to be a successful Internet marketer.

About Tree Frog

Tree Frog Reader was created with the end reader in mind. Tree Frog lets you easily navigate through your book with books being organized into Chapters/Verse.

Tree Frog Reader Features Include:

-Adjust Font Size
-Adjust Font Type
-Write Notes
-Portrait/Landscape Mode
-Auto Rotates into Portrait/Landscape Mode
-Ability to Lock into Portrait/Landscape Mode
-Day/Night Mode
-Read it anywhere no Internet needed
-Opens to last spot read
-Easy Navigation
-Books Sorted into Chapters/Pages
-Images can easily be viewed within Reader

About PublisherApp

PublisherApp creator of the Tree Frog Reader, PublisherApp is software development team located in Southern Utah. Our technology includes our proprietary Publishing Platform and Tree Frog Reader which is dedicated to making it easier for Experts, Coaches, Professionals,Authors and Publishers to share their great content in a digital format!

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