Don’t Get Lost in The Jungle of MLM

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Dear Fellow Network Marketer, Thank You for taking the time to read this ebook. Congratulations! By reading this book you show that you are dedicated to success in Network Marketing. Thank you for taking the time to read this ebook and allowing me to share some of my experience in the world of Network Marketing, or MLM. Taking the correct first steps when starting in this industry will go a long way to assuring your success. The reason I am writing this ebook is to help and provide people generic information that would apply to any company regardless on their marketing/compensation plan, product, team, country or even offline or online! Network Marketing or MLM is a great opportunity. It is one of the best home-based business models that can allow you to achieve success in a short time. Network Marketing uses one of the secrets of success, leverage, to allow the average person to create an above average income. However, there is a dark side to Network Marketing that not many people will tell you... The shocking shocking truth of this industry is that over 95% of Network Marketers or home based business owners lose money and never see a profit! That's a fact your upline doesn't want you to know. I'm sorry if this is the first time you've heard this. However, please don't let this information scare you away from this wonderful opportunity. The truth is, if you do it right, Networking is one of the best ways an average person can earn an above average income. My goal is to help you become one of the 5% who does succeed. Is that alright with you? It is a sad fact that countless people become victims of the industry, are uninformed, and when they run into problems, they usually blame the company, their sponsor or even the industry itself! That is why I'm writing this ebook, to help you avoid that and to help you succeed. Even if you have already been in one (or more) opportunities, this information could be invaluable to you, because it might give you some new ideas. Or, it may give you some training material that you can pass on to your downline. So, let's get started.
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