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開発者Chris Schofield
リリース日2010-11-30 14:07:43
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互換性iOS 7.0以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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With My Flights on your iPhone, and My Flights HD on your iPad, you can always ensure you're the first to know about any changes to your flight bookings. My Flights will constantly monitor your Amadeus bookings, and if the airline make any changes (such as move you from your preferred seat, change the terminal you'll be flying from, or maybe they forget your frequent flyer number) we'll send you a Push Notification to your iPhone or iPad.

My Flights is the *only* App on the App Store that will let you find Amadeus bookings using just your Last name and Booking Reference, and then actively monitor them and alert you to changes.

If your booking isn't with an Airline or Travel Agent that supports Amadeus, don't worry - you can link My Flights to your TripIt account. My Flights will find all of your existing TripIt trips, and when you book any new trips, just forward the confirmation emails to and they'll automagically appear in My Flights.

Don't use TripIt? You can sign up for free, or just enter your flights manually into My Flights.

You can add your bookings to your calendar with the tap of a button, and your bookings are synced across your devices with your My Flights account.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** This App will tell you about changes to your BOOKING - seat changes, frequent flyer numbers, schedule changes - the lot. It will NOT tell you about delays to your flight or anything that isn't a change to your reservation - there are plenty of apps out there that will do that.
If you are having trouble retrieving your booking, please check the Support and FAQ pages at

Any questions, please email

What people have said on the App Store:

" This is a highly useful app and helps me keep track of all my flights in my busy travelling lifestyle! The best money I have spent on the iPhone App Store. "
5 Stars

" ...easy to use, well designed and the author is very receptive to new ideas and feedback, with improved updates and new features being delivered all the time. "
5 Stars

" ...Excellent detail provided by the link to airline systems, even pulling up my travelling companion... "
5 Stars

" Can't recommend this enough, a must-have app for any frequent flyer "
5 Stars

iOS 9 support
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更新日時:2024年6月15日 03時26分




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