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開発者Blue Lotus
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Finally! An iPad finger drum pad with high quality sounds, that's easy to use, and doesn't break the bank….

Its what you have been waiting for, the A1200B FINGER BANGA PRO™

Spanning across the most up-to-date genres in music… Jazz-Hop, Dubstep, Drum 'n Bass, Elecro-Core, Crunk… and now we've added an acoustic Hand Drum set and a Hang Drum!

The FINGER BANGA PRO™ will turn any party into a full-on rave!

Whether you are a pro DJ or just love to make beats, this is an incredible tool for live performing!

No need to mess around with silly finger drum apps that sound fake and processed. The core of the FINGER BANGA PRO™ is its ultra high-quality sample library. Each style is expertly assembled by Professional Dj's and Sound Engineers to help you create the sickest beats possible.

The interface of the A1200B is ergonomically designed for optimum playability. We listened to what people were saying about other drum pads on the market and decided to re-write the book on finger positioning. The typical in-line ("piano" style) pads are great for sequencing but leave a lot to be desired for live play. And the "drum kit" style finger pads make no sense when you are using your hands. We studied user's actual hand placement and developed the A1200B interface to be the optimized for natural kinesthetic expression . Try it for yourself and see the difference. You'll be slamming out beats like a pro, right off the bat!


Listen to what our users are saying:

"I was having the hardest time getting Crunk… now I feel like a Baller… Yeeeaaahhh!"
-Corey W., Detroit

"I love to use this to take over a party, I just rip the cord out of the sound system, plug into my iPad, and wreck s****"
-Brett D., Los Angeles

"I've downloaded a few other finger drums and they are ok, but this app is awesome. It just makes it so easy to tap out beats."
-Jamar L., New York, NY

"Wow, a drum pad that I don't need a degree in sound engineering to operate. Thanks!"
-Deven T., Paris France


Pro Features:

-7 user-friendly presets including Hang Drum
-Extremely HIgh-Quality Sample library
-Optional Rhythm track helps to keep you on tempo
-Ergonomically designed for ease of use
-Programming mode allow you to customize the presets for each finger pad
-Optimized for live play


A note about feedback:
We strive to make affordable and fun apps that everyone can use. We appreciate all our user's positive and constructive comments and we do our best to incorporate your requests into future updates. So please, if you feel that we could improve this app in some way, please contact us and let us know. Negative and useless comments don't help make better apps. Thanks!

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