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A Travel Pharmacy with advice adapted to your personal journey and residency. It is a useful service regarding insect bites and stings, First Aid Travel emergency, hygiene and sunburn, along with skin care and protection products.

Care Plus Travel Pharmacy: Personal travel advice in four easy steps:
-- Fill in your destination
-- How long will you be staying
-- Where you are staying (hotel, pension, camping site)
-- And how many people you are going with
Based on that information, you will receive product advice from the Travel Pharmacy for your trip along with the information where you can buy the products online or at the nearest shop. 

Preparations with the Care Plus Travel Pharmacy
Most of the preparations for your journeys or holidays, like vaccinations, must be taken weeks or even months in advance. Imagine you are at the stage of packing and buying the last necessary products for your trip. To avoid bringing unnecessary items or forgetting something essential, you research the web for extra information regarding your destination. Then you read about poor hygiene, stabbings, or dangerous insects and you suddenly realize that you need a first aid kit and sunscreen with extra high protection. What exactly do you need during your trip? And how much of it? That is where the Care Plus Travel Pharmacy comes in with personal advice for your journey. Now you can easily buy the products online or in a store nearby. 

During your trip, you don’t want to be bothered by insects or their harmful bites. In order to avoid this, Travel Pharmacy recommends that you take Deet-impregnated socks and mosquito nets with you. With these precautions, mosquitos, ticks, sand flies, or other insects won’t have a chance to ruin your vacation!

>>First Aid 
Accidents are always unexpected and can happen anywhere. Therefore, it is important to provide the correct first aid as soon as possible. With the proper first aid kit you’ll have everything at hand to ensure the necessary first aid, whether it be for abrasions, burns, or tick removal. Care Plus has first aid kits for families, outdoor walkers and hikers, mountain climbers, tropical destinations and even a kit designed to keep in your car. 

>>Sun protection 
Protecting your skin against harmful UVA and UVB radiation is not only necessary to prevent sunburns, but it is also important to protect against long term health risks. Apply sunscreen frequently and thoroughly to prevent sunburns. If your skin does get sunburned, it’s important that you nourish it afterwards to reduce the pain and speed its recovery. Also, with the special Skin Saver lipstick, your lips won’t even sunburn.

Not everywhere in the world has the hygiene to which you are accustomed. For example, drinking water from the tap is more of a luxury in some places, rather than a common practice. Therefore, Travel Pharmacy advises to take Hadex for filtering water and ORS as well as disinfecting hand gel to reduce or avoid the dangers of diarrhea.

What's new in version 1.6.2

- now available, the First Aid Kit designed for Winter Sports. In cooperation with the Dutch Ski Association!

- An important update for the best personal travel advice. We've added new products and therefore you can enjoy your trip even better, with maximum protection!

- Win the advised Travel Pharmacy products! Leave a review and you might win the free products!

- Soon we're going to add vaccination advice, to give you a complete travel advice for healthy travels!

- Rotation fix
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