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互換性iOS 7.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Make the most of your Disneyland Resort visit with Disneyland Inside Out! Take advantage of the 19 years of passholder experience, expertise and knowledge that we've collected to share with you. Stay up-to-date with attraction wait times, and go social, sharing your experiences with friends on facebook and now with new friends directly in our discussion forums!

Here’s a highlight of some of the great features you’ll find:
- Free iPhone and iPod Touch App
- Discussion forums to share your experiences live with other Disneyland fans directly in the App
- Information on over 400 points of interest across the entire resort, including every Attraction, Shop, Restaurant and Entertainment venue
- Synchronization feature for full offline access to our database of Disneyland knowledge
- Attraction Wait Times that are culled from user submissions
- Connection to facebook so you can share with your friends what you are doing in the park
- Reviews & ratings from users like yourself to share your thoughts and experiences from across the resort
- Up-to-date Park Hours, Entertainment Schedules, and Annual Passport Blockout days
- Map featuring your current location and a filterable list of all the points of interest
- Updated news and information from our web site
- Full access to a mobile formatted version of the Disneyland Inside Out - when our web site is updated you’ll automatically receive the latest content on your phone!
- Ability to remove advertising*

* Paid upgrade available through an in app purchase on the Upgrades screen


One of our favorite features of Disneyland Inside Out is the ability to synchronize every piece of information available directly to the device. What this means is that before you head out to Disneyland you can perform a “Sync”, which will download the latest information from our servers. While at the park, as the crowds of iPhone users amass to bring your data service to a crawl, you, having sync’d before heading out, still have access to all of our information without having to wait for all those other iPhone addicts to get to their data.

What is even more exciting about this feature, is that as you view information, the App will automatically go out and attempt to pull any updated information from our servers. So as you are looking at the latest news or attraction details, if you have data service, you’ll automatically be updated with the latest and greatest information with no work on your part!

This feature is great for iPod Touch users as well!

* Because of the time sensitive nature of both Wait Times and Friends Activity, these two features require active data service and are not included in the Synchronization process. It wouldn’t be very helpful to have Attraction Wait Times from last night, so we opted to leave this out of the sync. It may go with out saying, but the ability to submit information, such as wait times, ratings & reviews, and feedback also require an active data connection. You don’t just want to share your thoughts with yourself now do you?

** The synchronization feature is a paid upgrade available via in app purchase on the Upgrades screen

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