Dress Up with Maya! (HD)

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開発者Total Eclipse
リリース日2010-12-10 21:13:35
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iPad 対応。
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Is fashion your passion? Love dress-up/makeover and paperdoll games? This game is made for you!

♥ "I play this game 50 times a day and I never stop it is the best game in my ipad"

♥ "My little girl and I have lots of fun playing dress up. Very cool!"

♥ "This game has the prettiest graphics of any dress up game I have!"

♥ "This app is so much fun. Loads of options and great designs. This is just so much fun better than shopping and my check book is fine! Girls you will love this game. So relaxing!"

♥ "Omg love this app! NO complaints, Maya's dress up game is not to be compared with any dress up app. Game has great clothing selection, colors, GREAT GRAPHiCS, and live blinking avatars. U can mix and match all day and I have to admit, learned a lot of code fashion what to wear and what not to. My daughter and I love this game. Totally recommend this to any girl(s)."

♥ "This is the best dress up game right now, it looks really good, it's easy to use, and if you get the little extras that are a few pence more you get even more choice.
I bought and downloaded about 20 dress up games yesterday for my daughter and this is by far the most professional one I have seen."

Gamezebo.com rating: ★★★★

"[...] few offer the range of clothing options as well as the finely detailed art of Maya’s Dress Up. If you’re looking to experience the paper dolls of your youth all over again, Maya’s Dress Up might just be your best bet on the App Store."

Meet Maya and her huge wardrobe in this luxurious, unique dress-up game! Create your own styling combinations for every occasion; dress her for the beach, the office, or dinner parties!

Ruffle through her wardrobe and discover bikinis, long coats, evening dresses, flower skirts, ankle-high boots and even pareos! Spice-up her style with a wild range of amazing jewelry and accessories! Get salon-quality haircuts with colors to match!

Everything, from large backgrounds to the tiniest jeweled earrings, has been created with high quality standards.

★ Create your own stylish outfit by choosing from hundreds of clothes, shoes and accessories of varying styles and colors in 38 categories!

★ A feast for your eyes! Gorgeous, hand-painted, fashion items!

★ Dress till you drop! Literally billions of combinations to make!

★ Dress Maya's Friends! Style up 4 gorgeous girls: Cecilia, Hitomi, Jamila and Yasimin!

★ Just for your device: more space to dress and more detailed graphics!

★ Fine-tune your styling choice – view whatever Maya is wearing with just a double-tap and make layering combinations!

★ See your creation in full screen view with the Preview feature!

★ Choose from a selection of indoors and outdoors backgrounds, from exotic Greek islands to chilly chalets.

★ Share your unique styling creation with your friends! Publish it on Facebook or send images via e-mail.

★ Save your favorite styles and view them anytime you want!

★ Add-Ons Drawer: Enjoy Christmas items from your new Seasonal drawer! Discover costumes from popular Total Eclipse game characters.

★ Miss the old style of 5 minutes ago? Undo your moves and go back in history to find the previous look you had!

★ Out of creative ideas today? Flip your device over and let Maya dress on her own!


Find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TotalEclipse
Stay updated via Twitter @MayasDressUp

❄ ❄ ❄ Happy Holidays, fashionistas! ❄ ❄ ❄

This update brings you better iOS6 compatibility, as well as various bug fixes!

Have a blast! ♥♥♥
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