Overcoming Alcoholism

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Discover How to Overcome Alcoholism!

Substance abuse is rampant and alcohol tops the list of all forms of abuse.

Did you know that high alcohol content in your body affects the immune system thereby hindering its ability to fight off diseases?

Did you know that beer has a higer effect of intoxication than wine or liquor?

Did you know that women alcoholics have higher risk than men for health problems?

"Overcoming Alcoholism" will answer all your questions and help you on the road to alcohol-free life.

Here is what you will discover inside...

★ What is Alcoholism – Is it a disease or a vice? Read what certain groups of professionals have to say.

★ Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse – Is it memory lapses, depression, anxiety, missing work or all of the above?

★ What Are Some of the Causes of Alcoholism – And the consequences?

★ Alcoholism and the body – We all know about the liver trouble, right? But are you aware of the other tolls it takes? Pretty scary stuff!

★ Frying Your Brain – You’ve seen the ads, right? This is your brain on drugs? Well, guess what? Alcohol is a drug!

★ The Alcoholic Family – Do you think that only the alcoholic suffers? Think again!

★ More Facts versus Fiction – Think coffee and fresh air will sober you up? Think again.

★ Alcohol and Senior Citizens – This is worse than you might think.

★ Alcoholism in Teenagers – This is sad and on the rise. How to detect it and nip it in the bud.

★ Alcohol and Nutrition – Find out how a good nutritional plan can overcome the bad effects from years of neglect.

★ How to Treat Alcoholism – Learn about alcohol withdrawal syndrome as well as rehabilitation.

★ No Cure for Alcoholism – Are you disappointed? It’s the truth but there’s more to know. Learn what that is inside.

★ and much, Much More!

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