Christmas in America HD - A Photographic Celebration of the Holiday Season

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ON SALE! - iTunes Featured Holiday App! Award-Winning Travel Journalist Peter Guttman journeys across America and shares inspiring images of the holidays and the winter season. Share these joyful images along with your own Personal Greeting on Facebook, or enjoy the photography and Peter Guttman's artful prose while listening to the 4 Christmas Music Tracks included for FREE! *The Perfect Gift App!* We're keeping the price low throughout the holidays to make this heartwarming app an affordable Gift App to send to others.

This is the Fourth App in the Award-Winning Beautiful Planet app series that has been featured multiple times by and iTunes.

** Features **

- Over 170 Photographs, each accompanied by Peter Guttman's inspired writing.

- Fully interactive, zoomable map. Browse one of the three galleries or tap on the thumbtack to reveal an individual pin for each photograph in a gallery.

- Built-in Media Player and Playlist Editor and 4 Free Christmas Music Tracks! Add and re-arrange music from your own iTunes music library to create your own audio visual experience.

- Ability to save images as your iPhone, iPod or iPad Wallpaper.

- Ability to share images with your own personal greeting with the built-in Facebook plugin.

This photographic celebration of the holiday season glows with the warmth and joy of the most magical time of the year. Families and romantic souls are transported around the country to view through frosted panes the beauty of winter and the magical pageantry and traditional celebrations of Christmas. Evocative text and stunning images will inspire wanderers and armchair travelers alike to sample the unique, romantic, charming and eccentric vignettes of the holidays and perhaps conjure up plans to experience, on their own, the amazing variety of holiday and winter opportunities, both in their own neighborhood or on a Christmastime road trip.

Horse drawn sleighs transport viewers through a fairytale landscape of dazzling Christmas displays, past cozy New England inns to blazing bonfires in the southern bayous, dogsledding through the Midwest toward straining ice climbers and lavish madrigal feasts in the Rockies. Curl up in front of this virtual fireplace any time of the year and share the joy of the season.

Christmas in America features images from across America, includes an interactive map for navigation, as well as the ability to share images with friends on Facebook.

Christmas in America also includes a selection of Holiday Music including:

- Carol of the Bells
- Joy to the World
- O Tennenbaun

** Reviews of Peter Guttman's work **

* "Stunning images...sumptuous, dramatically lit shots."
-- New York Times

* "One of the premiere travel photographers."
-- CNN

* "Guttman's photographs capture the spirit of a place."
-- Time

* "Such a beautiful vision."
-- CBS This Morning

* "His photographs all seem to glow from an inner light."
-- Dallas Morning News

* "Peter Guttman is a gutsy photographer who has taken pictures all over the world and paints glorious word-pictures with extraordinary photographs."
-- Popular Photography

** About Peter Guttman **

Two times named the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year, called a "one-man Explorers Club" in the New York Times, and with zero inhibitions, Peter Guttman has blanketed the planet to create a far-reaching survey of both nearby dazzling landmarks and unknown, intriguing corners of our terrestrial home.

Happy Holidays! Thanks for making Christmas in America a wonderful success! This update introduces several feature enhancements and adds to the music selection a featured track, "Sleigh Ride by Gary Guttman". Enjoy the music, the photographs, and the sharing of images with friends and family through the new and improved Facebook plugin.

Usage Note: To display an individual map pin for each photograph in a gallery tap on the gallery icon and then tap on the Red Thumbtack icon. See iPad screenshots for more details.
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