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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis, Second Edition

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The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis is the first and only medical resource so far to describe the differential diagnostic thought process so that it can be learnt logically and systematically. It also shows how to justify subjective diagnostic impressions clearly and logically in an evidence-based way. It provides the differential diagnosis of each symptom, physical sign and initial test result.

• A unique handbook enabling students and doctors to explain their diagnostic reasoning clearly to patients, colleagues and examiners
• Suggests the preliminary tests to be considered for each symptom and sign
• Helps diagnoses to be suggested with a sensible degree of certainty and clear supporting evidence
• Suggests the 'Initial management' for each diagnostic possibility
• Describes the logical and mathematical basis of evidence-based differential diagnosis

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis uses pattern recognition tables which enable the reader to scan the page to see which diagnostic application would apply best to a patient’s findings or case history. Aimed at medical students and others who wish to improve their diagnostic skills, it describes how to justify diagnoses and management decisions verbally or in writing and clarifies what evidence is needed to do so from research, and its statistical features. This resource provides senior doctors with a framework and examples to help teach trainees and students to approach diagnostic problems in a logical way and to justify their opinions. It provides all doctors with practical help when dealing with problems outside their immediate field of expertise, especially general practitioners and those faced with unforeseen situations.

Readership: Medical students, trainee doctors, general practitioners, hospital specialists, clinical teachers, researchers, statisticians, public health doctors and others managing health care organisations, and all professions allied to medicine e.g. nurses, pharmacists, etc.

Authors: HuwLlewelyn, Hock AunAng, Keir E Lewis, and Anees Al-Abdullah


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