My First Words

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NOTE: Due to a recent iOS update, some features of this app currently do not work (specifically the voice recording and painting features). The story and game play functions work normally. We are working on a fix which should be available soon!

This exciting educational book features “drag and drop” technology, making our children’s FIRST WORDS that much more fun to learn!

The TEN colourful scenes in this book have been carefully considered to help children develop their reading skills. The book comes with one hundred magnetic word tiles, which comply with the National Literacy Strategy and include the 45 Reception high frequency words. By matching the word tiles to the sentences and pictures on the pages, with a simple “drag and drop”, children will soon gain in confidence and start constructing simple sentences of their own.

Children love being able to run their fingers over the text to hear the story and touch any word to hear it said or spelt. They will happily spend hours colouring in the book and they can record themselves as well. This BRAND NEW “drag and drop” QBook is the perfect gift for your children and, even better, it’s great learning as well!

- drag and drop sentence construction
- A "Learning Bank" of selectable items to drag onto your book.
- Personalise each book with ‘this book belongs to ...’ page.
- Swipe-to-Read™ the words to hear and playback the story at your own pace.
- Touch-to-Hear™ individual words spoken.
- Touch-to-Spell™ to hear the letters that spell each and every word.
- Themed sound effects on every page.
- Auto Play to enjoy the narration.
- Use the My Narration function to read and record the story yourself and customise your book.
- Paint mode can be used on each story page!
- Paint has a paint palette, brush width, move and zoom, and undo abilities!
- Tap the paint palette icon and tap a colour to change the paint colour!
- Tap the brush palette icon and change the slider to change the brush size!
- Tap the move icon and pinch with two fingers to zoom in and move the picture around with one finger. Tap the move icon again to continue painting!
- Tap the undo icon to undo paint strokes!

- 'Rate My App' feature added
- Upgraded to support iOS 4.2
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