iLuoPan HD

価格 1080円
開発者Mastery Academy
リリース日2010-11-25 10:22:48
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Joey Yap’s iLuoPan HD

Reading a LuoPan is a joy on the iPad, thanks to the Joey Yap's iLuoPan HD now available as an iPad application.

This digital Luo Pan, also known as a Feng Shui compass, looks crisp and vivid in high definition resolution with high precision, making it easy on the eyes to take accurate readings for directional information on its large multi-touch screen.

This is definitely a must for any modern enthusiast or practitioner of Classical Feng Shui. It's light, compact and portable to bring around in your iPad - it's a breeze to determine the facing direction of your property or any key feature of your home or workplace.

iLuoPan HD also comes in various trendy themes to suit your personality or mood, there will never be a dull moment again!


• The built-in compass of the iPad is automatically aligned to point directly to the North. All you need to do is stand and hold out the compass in front; no need to turn your body or the compass!

• Directions taken are captured immediately, eliminating the need to take notes.

• Only minimal manual input is required for accurate orientation, simplifying the process of measuring and obtaining directions.

• The 24 Mountains Ring is incorporated for precise display, enabling the effective application of Flying Stars Feng Shui.

• With the click of a button, you will hear Joey Yap personally pronouncing the 24 Mountains directions. The audio pronunciation is available in English, Mandarin and Cantonese for easy understanding by Feng Shui enthusiasts with different language proficiency.

• Information is shown in English with accompanying important characters in original Chinese for the benefit of enthusiasts who may be more conversant with Classical Feng Shui.

• There are 8 professionally designed themes for you to choose from and vary to suit your personal taste, and more themes will be added to the range.

• Information derived can be saved instantly for future reference.

• Sharing feature where you can save the iLuoPan images into your photo album for reference at any time or as an attachment in your email .

Note: The surrounding environmental conditions can affect the compass readings.

Requirements: iPad.

Language: English

About Joey Yap
Joey Yap is the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, a global organisation devoted to the teaching of various Chinese Metaphysics subjects. He is also the Chief Consultant of Yap Global Consulting, an international consulting firm specialising in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology services and audits. Joey Yap is the bestselling author of over 30 books on Feng Shui and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects. He is a regular guest on various radio and TV shows and has also hosted his own TV shows on Classical Feng Shui. If you would like to know more about Joey, you can check out

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