Ring Reminder - Silent Mode Alarm Timer

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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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** Get the Best Selling Ring Mode Application on the AppStore & stop missing calls **

*note* for Audible Alarm, do not put the phone in silent mode

Stop missing phone calls because you put your iPhone in Silent Mode

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"Now i can set my phone and not worry about it anymore"

"This is a gotta have app. Know i can sneak away from meetings. Not only that it reminds me to turn it back on."

"I use this all the time:when i go to movies, atten a conference or meeting, and even when i take a nap! It does what it says it does. 5 stars!"

Select one of your ten easily defined alarms, put your iPhone in silent mode with confidence. It runs in the background and will vibrate and place a pop-up on your screen reminding you to restore your Ring Mode after the period of time that you define. Will also check the state of your ring switch and keep reminding you if you do not put the phone back on ring mode.

** Can also be used to fake a phone call, just leave your iPhone in Ring Mode and close **


-Easy timer alarms! - 1 minute to 24 hours
-Pre-Define up to 10 timers
-Custom description that you choose
-Count down timer on main display
-Runs in the background!
-Cancel any timer alarm with one tap
-Delete and create timer alarms repeatedly
-Edit current timer alarms
-Can be used on the go, not location based
-Set a timer to get out of those meetings that run longer that you would like!

To Use:

Tap the Plus symbol on the main screen. Provide a name and use the picker wheel to set a timer. Optional: choose a ring tone from the list of four at the bottom. Use the back button to return the main screen, your timer is automatically saved. Now just tap the timer you want to use, the bell symbol will indicate which timer will be the active timer. Hit the Start button put your iPhone on Silent Mode with the rocker switch , and OK to close the reminder screen. Now close Ring Reminder.

Send an email to support@izoolu.com to make suggestions or comments, we welcome your feedback.

**Please NOTE** To use an audible alert, you MUST LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN RING MODE. Just ignore the prompt to place the phone in silent mode and tap OK. Ring Reminder will then alert with the audible alert you have chosen for each alarm. We cannot manipulate the state of the ringer switch.

Please remember to add a remark to the appstore listing for Ring Reminder!

Version 2.0 Updates-

** Updated Theme - looks more modern

** Nag Feature - will now check the state of the ring switch and alarm again if not turned to ring mode

** Update to text on Exit window, to note that for an audible alarm you only have to hit OK, not put the phone in silent mode.
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