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* The most qualitative content in the App Store from world-famous Professor of Business Dr. Jae K. Shim *

This application provides students with a practical framework from which to master all the fundamental aspects of accounting and financial management, specifically as they relate to the arena of modern business.

Courses range from introductory surveys of general financial and accounting concepts, to more advanced courses focusing on specific applied concepts important to correctly managing business finances such as Economic Analysis, Cash Flow Management, Legal Accounting Regulations, and others.

The application includes:
- a full MBA level course text and study materials
- examples and illustrations
- practical applications and procedures
- exhibits, graphs, diagrams, and more.

Test and exams in our course collection will be good preparation material for your examination.

Accounting - MBA Learning Solutions is developed by the market leader DIGI117 LTD based on the work and in tight cooperation with Professor and bestselling author Dr. Jae K. Shim.

Dr. Jae K. Shim is one of the most respected accounting and finance experts in the world. He is a professor of business at California State University, Long Beach and CEO of Delta Consulting Company, a financial consulting and training firm.

App Features:

● Full course text divided by chapters
● All-encompassing term and concept reference options
● Interactive flashcards for subject review
● Comprehensive chapter-level tests
● Explanations of right and wrong answers
● Possibility to make bookmarks
● Glossary
● Newly added font options
● No Internet connection required!

Included Courses:

● 101 Financial Solutions - Turns entrepreneurs and business managers into more effective problem-solvers
● Accounting & Finance – An overview of multiple important accounting and financial management concepts fundamental to operating any business successfully
● Pocket CFO - The complete learning resource for problem-solving a wide range of critical business and financial issues
● Pocket CFO: A Complete Guide to Investing
● Profiting from Financial Statements
● Accounting for Management: Concepts and Tools
● Managing and Improving Cash Flow
● Cost management: Accounting and Control
● Economic Analysis for Business and Strategy Decisions
● Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention
● E–Commerce: Applications for Cyberspace Technology
● Analyzing Cost Data for Management
● Real Estate Accounting and Mathematics
● Financial Management of Multinational Corporations

*** Ideal material for CPA exam preparation, all courses are designed to comply with National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) standards***

Our customers say:

“I found this application to be very useful in my career growth and knowledge”. - Stan, Senior Manager

With this update we have tried our best to make the application more convenient and pleasant to use. Please send us your comments. We really want to make this app great for you.
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