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◆ Recommended by Telegraph Money

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◆ Scored a Grade 'A' on a road test by Edmunds.com

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"a go-to app if you're all about deeper data and cool gauges and buttons" - Edmunds.com

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Is your car wasting expensive fuel?

Buy Fuel Economy Calculator to monitor and improve your vehicles fuel economy and track how much you spend at the pump.

By monitoring your fuel consumption you can help identify any fuel efficiency problems your car may have, such as low tire pressure, or carrying unnecessary weight. You can adjust your driving style and monitor how that impacts on how much fuel you are using.

Simply and easily log your fuel stops and 'Fuel Economy Calculator' can tell you :

√ Your Fuel Economy
√ Fuel Cost per Mile or KM
√ How much you spend on fuel on average in a month
√ How far you travel on average in a month
√ How much a particular journey will cost you
√ The furthest distance you've travelled on one tank
√ The average price you pay for fuel

You can keep track of as many vehicles as you need. 'Fuel Economy Calculator' also includes a Journey Cost Calculator which tells you how much a particular journey will cost.

√ Calculate the Fuel Economy etc of as many vehicles as you need
√ Calculates fuel economy in mpg (UK), mpg (US), km/L, L/100 km
√ Works with fuel purchased in Litres or Gallons (imperial & US)
√ Works for vehicles with odometers in KM or Miles
√ Not just for cars! Will work with any vehicle with an odometer

'Fuel Economy Calculator' also includes a handy place to store your recommended tire pressures and oil type for each of your vehicles - never dig through that glove box again for that manual!

Buy 'Fuel Economy Calculator', it's easy to use and not cluttered with features you don't need.

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