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互換性iOS 6.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"Notica is a little, elegant app you might just fall in love with in a couple of minutes" - MacStories
"Beautiful, simple, clean, and intuitive interface" - AppAddvice
"Evernote is neither as fun or visually appealing as Notica" - AppStorm
Featured by Apple in "New & Noteworthy"
Featured in "This week's must have iOS apps" - CultOfMac

Notica is the ultimate way for you to connect the things you see with what you want to remember about them. With a simple and gorgeous interface, it allows you to focus on remembering beautifully with minimum effort.

How often do you see something you want to capture and make a note of? Stuff like "This is the shop that's having a sale next week" or "That's the kind of chair I'd like for our kitchen"? Sometimes, it's simply a passing moment you wish you had saved, like a child riding a bike for the first time or a great street show you saw, and wanted to write down the band's name and the location they played at. Notica does just that.

With a highly intuitive interface designed specifically for photos and videos, Notica is your perfect visual memory companion. It stores text, location, time, date and your photos or videos on beautiful notecards, and allows you to organise them in stack-like groups, with the fastest and most efficient search that goes over all text in your notes in blazing speed and pops up just the right note at the right time.

Apply beautiful effects to images you take with your iPhone and share your notecards on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or Email in the easiest and most elegant way there is.

Notica is perfect for...

Professionals looking to build an inspiration library, parents and grandparents who want their children's best moments not forgotten, travelers who want to keep a trip journal, people that manage a wish list or visual memos like “get this vase for kate’s birthday”, location scouters looking for a quick and reliable visual tagging tool, anyone who ever spent more than two seconds looking for a photo or a video, and anyone who thinks that their memories deserve better.


Outstanding image effects
Full backup and restore of cards library
Post notecards to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter with a tap
Beautiful camera interface
All text is searchable - no tagging needed
Expandable text space for long notes
View note location on card or in maps app
Group notes in stacks with cover photo and name
Multiple selection of notes in list for easy arranging
Browsing view - two stunning modes to view notes
Share notes by mail
Save notecards to your library as Cards or just photos
Beautiful high resolution support

Sharing your notecards to Renren now works!
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