Alphabets in the Sea

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開発者Googly Inc.
リリース日2010-12-20 17:11:09
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Alphabets in the Sea is the long-awaited sequel to worldwide hit Alphabets in the Zoo. Alphabets in The Sea features a charming new alphabet song, memory game, and talking educational flashcards, to help your child learn about letters and animals, as they play, look, listen and sing-a-long. This beautiful app will really help you show off the amazing displays on your iPad and iPhone!

The new, animated, alphabet song finds the letters of the alphabet diving in the sea to explore and meet the creatures of the ocean: “A” meets the anemones, “P” the Penguin, and “Z” the Zebra Sharks; matching each letter of the alphabet with a cute sea animal. The song is entertaining, but more importantly, helps your child relate letters to sounds.

The app’s talking flashcards teach your child where the featured animals come from, what they eat, and an interesting fact about each creature.

Your child's understanding of the alphabet will be taught and reinforced as they enjoy Saad Rasheed's colorful animation and listen to the delightful Alphabets in the Sea song; though we should warn you – Dave Klotz's gorgeous Caribbean tune, and Fauzia Abbasi's lyrics, will get stuck in your head too!


An original, colorful, animated alphabet song
A set of kid-friendly talking flashcards teaching your child fun facts about the zoo's 24 animals and two special magical creatures
A concentration-style memory game featuring the zoo's animals

Recommended age range: ideal for 2 to approximately 5yrs of age and to those of any age, learning the English alphabet

Alphabets in the Zoo was the #1 iPhone App in the education category on the App Store, April 2010, a top-ten education app in over forty countries worldwide, and is downloaded everyday by parents worldwide.


Alphabets in the Sea

A Googly Production

Producer: Lisa Inez Steinmann

Illustration: Saad Rasheed

Concept and Lyrics: Fauzia Abbasi

Music Arrangement and Production: Dave Klotz

Vocals: Milan Seki

Technical Lead: Arsalan Ansari

Developers: Uzair Danish & Tabish Umer

Creative Consultant: Faizan Ghaznavi

Copyright © 2010 Googly All Rights Reserved.

This upgrade is a minor bug fix to repair a video playback issue with iPods.

If you like Alphabets in the Sea, please take a moment to leave us a positive review. We appreciate your support! We read every review and welcome your comments and requests. Let us know how we can further improve our applications and we will endeavor
to do so.
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