Monster Volley Pro Multiplayer Game

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リリース日2010-11-23 17:42:20
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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*** MONSTER VOLLEY PRO *** MULTIPLAYER MODE (Play against your friends) *** VERY ADDICTIVE ***

#1 in various countries
#2 in German, France, UK, China
#Top 10 in U.S., Canada

Monster Volley PRO is the funniest game for the iPhone/iPad/iPod ever. A simple game that takes seconds to learn but weeks to master!

Slide, jump, block and smash the ball against various monsters. Beat the monsters to explore new worlds and harder opponents. Each opponent has its own abilities so each level is different.


✔ Really funny GAME

✔ Various worlds and planets

✔ Various monsters

✔ Various levels and opponents

✔ Levels with increasing opponent skills

✔ OpenFeint integration

✔ Facebook Sharing

✔ Sound + animation

✔ Simple control via slider or tilt

✔ Choose your own Monster in the PRO version

✔ Play against your friends with multiplayer support (only PRO Version)

After beating your friends, share your victory on Facebook and become the leader of the OpenFeint leaderboard!

Works with iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad.

What are you waiting for? Stop reading, start downloading!

New Features
✓ Added new space objects for winter edition (will only be activated until 2011-01-06)
✓ Added weather effects to some levels (level 2 rain, 5 snow, 7 rain, 10 snow) (snow works until 2011-01-06)
✓ Added a new control chooser screen
✓ It is now possible to share currently unlocked achievements to Facebook or Twitter
✓ Added a new overlay in level 2 to make it more obvious that each level will change player or opponent attributes to make it more difficult.

✓ Greatly improved controls to make a much better gaming experience
✓ Player Monster should now move 30% faster
✓ Improved slide and jump images to make it more obvious
✓ Improved "How to play" overlay in level 1 which shows the entire touch area for the controls
✓ Improved Facebook/Twitter share message
✓ Loading of monster animations should now load faster
✓ Improved check for social network connection status (should now work faster)
✓ Improved overall performance

✓ Changed settings screen to reflect newly added features
✓ Countdown won't start when help overlay is shown until the player taps onto the screen OR automatically after 10 secs

✓ Fixed a bug in level 8 and 10 where the ball could stuck between opponent and wall. Big monsters can now always play the ball towards the net.
✓ Player name, duration and scores are now correctly hidden when displaying credits
✓ Lite App Icon was incorrect (SD version)
✓ Fixed a rare bug where a user could not share even if he was connected to a social network
✓ Fixed various memory leaks
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更新日時:2024年7月18日 04時42分




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