Beijing Opera Mask HD

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開発者wei hong
リリース日2010-11-11 09:59:24
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Beijing Opera Mask puzzle game is a fushion of traditional Peking Opera elements and a somewhat bubble bobble like of gameplay. Fun, lively, and intense, it’s a creative blend of two things that would have never gotten together.

Beijing Opera Mask brings forth a new and fresh gaming experience as it presents traditional Chinese Drama in a way never seen before. With the sounds of gongs and drums, the curtains reveal cartoon masks on stage. Here’s a brief introduction about masks in Beijing Opera.

A wide variety of masks play an important role in Peking Opera. Art themselves, they also represent the various character types within stories. Different colors, curves, or patterns each symbolize it’s own unique properties. In the game, Vertra picks out ten of the more common types of masks and refashions them in cartoon style along with dynamic expressions to help add a vivid touch of fun.

Enjoy the game and admire the art. The aim of the game is to clear up the screen by lining any three or more identical masks. The more lined up the higher your score. As you progress through the game, items such as the Caligraphy Brush, Chinese Halberd, or Chinese Spear would appear to help you through tough times. Also, sometimes rare masks would appear to help you achieve more combos. Pass a level by clearing all masks within time limit. The difficulty and variety of masks gradually increases as you further challenge through the 12 levels.

Mixing bubble bobble with traditional chinese elements, Beijing Opera Mask game delivers entertainment in a hard to come by manner. You can also upload your scores online. Invite your friends and share the fun.

1. The gongs, drums, and chinese style opera stage fuse together gracefully in both visual and musical aspects.
2. Putting together western and oriental elements, remaking bubble bobble gameplay through traditional Chinese Drama elements.
3. Including an exquisite selection of Peking Opera masks, along with other surprises as you proceed through the game.
4. Use treasures such as the Chinese Spear, Halberd, or Caligraphy Brush to save the game.
5. Compete with your friends by joining the OpenFeint function online!

Ready? Go!

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